How To Treat Your Palm Eczema

Eczema could infect any part of the body. One unsightly and distressing
spot could be the handsthe busiest part of our body. This can
significantly interfere with our daily activities and work.

Hand or palm eczema is a skin condition characterized by red, scaly, and
flaky patches on the skin that tends to become chronic if not properly
addressed. The following are some basic steps on how to treat your palm

Avoid exposing your hands to common irritants such as harsh soaps,
dishwashing liquid, rough or scratchy fabrics, perfumes, cosmetics,
lanolin, chemicals such as chlorine and solvents, cigarette smoke, sand,
dust, pollen, animal dander, and any other allergens.

Use rubber gloves to protect your hands from these allergens.

Avoid scratching or rubbing the affected area. This will cause serious
lesions and infections.

Stay in an environment with a stable temperature and humidity.

Avoid wetting your hands as much as possible. Soap and water can make the
skin dry.

Use creams or lotions to moisturize your hands. These will help trap the
moisture in the skin and prevent the skin from dying immediately.

While these basic steps have a significant contribution in in treating
eczema, you can also consider some modern methods on how to treat your palm

Apply a strong corticosteroid ointment to the infected area to reduce

Systemic treatment with immunosuppressants such as cyclosporine,
methotrexate, acitretin may suppress hand eczema.

Botulinum toxin is also proven effective in treating dyshidrotic type of
hand eczema.

Don’t let hand eczema affect your work and your entire life. Follow these
steps on how to treat your palm eczema and be eczema-free.

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