How to Protect the Respiratory Tract

Bacteria invade human respiratory tract, the first is through the nasal mucosa, so drink plenty of water, so that to keep nasal mucosa moist, help to effectively resist the invasion of viruses and bacteria. Meanwhile, in the daily diet should eat more chicken, fish, meat, eggs, soy products and fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts and other high-protein, high vitamins, trace elements and high gentle, easily digestible food. And also no smoking, no drinking, do not eat spicy food, can also reduce the stimulation of the respiratory tract, to protect and enhance the natural immune function.

Develop good health habits is the key to prevention of infectious diseases in spring. You must develop the habits to wash hands before meals and after sneezing and coughing. If you cannot immediately wash your hands, you can disinfectant both hands with a disinfectant wipe.

Experts said the nose diseases, sputum and other respiratory secretions of patients with respiratory contain large quantities of pathogens; can be transmitted through hand contact with secretions of a healthy person. Therefore, we should pay more attention to hand hygiene. Meanwhile, we should do frequently changes clothes, do not eat unclean food, refused to eat raw seafood and meat, do not drink unboiled water.

In the spring, children, the elderly, pregnant women and other weaker constitution people should be minimal to public places. To keep the office and home ventilation, regular cleaning indoors to keep clean and tidy. You can also display a number of green plants, which can play a role in regulating the indoor air environment. But you’d better not put flowers indoors, especially those with allergies to prevent induced skin allergy, asthma and other allergic diseases.

Speaking of air circulation, it’s not to say that everyone no matter what the weather outside, we must open the window ventilation. In rainy days, open windows and doors will increase the moisture inside and easier to breed bacteria.

Many people, especially young people, when they catch cold, they often think that they can carry over. Sometimes is the case, drink plenty of water, adequate rest, about a week, cold symptoms will eased on its own.