How To Get Rid Of Eczema To Join The Military

This article is for the people who keep asking the question: Can you get
disqualified in the military because of eczema?

To start, eczema may be a big or small problem to people depending on the
severity of the case. However, those who find themselves contemplating
military career have to think twice before joining in.

Can you get disqualified in the military because of eczema?
To answer the question, it would depend on the severity of the skin
condition. For those that rarely flare up, the possibility of getting in is
better. However, for those who need medication in order to control their
eczema, the military is stricter. The reason for this is that people in the
military are often exposed to conditions that could flare up the problem
and unfortunately, medication is not always available.

However, for those who have mild cases that may be cleared up instantly,
following are some of the know treatments methods for the skin condition.

Re-hydrating the Skin
Most of eczema sufferers are triggered by heat and humidity, the lack of
moisture causing the skin to crack and itch. To counter this, patients must
re-hydrate the skin area by applying almond or coconut oil on the infected
part. Other methods to do this include bathing in lukewarm water for a
short time or applying cold compress on the infected area. Moisturizers are
also a popular option for eczema.

Oral Medication
If the eczema is mild enough, then medications like antihistamine should
clear up the problem in a short span of time. Of course, the prescription
of the doctor may be necessary options like this.

To sum it up: can you get disqualified in the military because of eczema?
The simple answer is yes, the possibility of being disqualified is present.
However, by doing the tips above and hopefully having only a mild case of
eczema, some exceptions may be made.

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