How To Control And Prevent Gout – Is Goutezol A Trusted Medicine For Treating Gout

Gout was known long time back in the middle ages, as the kings disease, due to poverty only the rich would get it, because of eating high protein and purines diet, best diet for you to control and prevent gout is lots of fluids ,and less proteineous food ,less red meat, chicken ,fish ,mushrooms , beans, try to eat a light diet and smaller amounts of high protein food, and plenty of fluids

Tips On How To Control and Prevent Gout

A low – purene, low – protein, easily digestible diet with a liberal fluid intake is advised

Obese persons may be more prone to gout. The body weight should be reduced to normal. A heavy meal supplying high calories should be avoided, as it tends to precipitate an attack.

Proteins and purines
Meats having high protein content, such as fish (herrings, salmons and sardines), sweet bread, liver, kidney, milk extracts and meat soup are always excluded. Flesh in the form of meat, fish and fowl is excluded during an acute attack. About 60 grams of protein a day is adequate, preferably supplied as vegetable and milk proteins.

Fat consumption is restricted, partly because its ingestion tends to cause detention of urates by the kidney, and partly to prevent obesity.

During an attack of gout the main source of calories should be carbohydrates, because of its protein sparing affects which

A liberal intake of fluid should be advised to ensure a daily excretion of about 2000 ml of urine.

Tea and coffee contain methyl purines which are not converted by the body into uric acid. About 2 to 3 cups a day are permitted.

There appears to be individual susceptibility to an attack of gout after ingestion of alcohol. Stopping alcohol may prevent attack of gout.
Gouty patients usually tolerate a couple of ounces of white wine or whisky, but not beer, stout, or red wines.

Is Goutezol a trusted medicine for treating gout?

Goutezol sounds like it is meant to help make the pain of gout go away. A gout person really needs to focus on helping the body do two things: get rid of uric acid, and not produce so much uric acid. A medicine such as Goutezol will do neither. Now do we need help getting rid of the pain? Sure. So Goutezol may be fine for that. But it’s not going to stop the gout attacks.

This will:
1. Drink tons of water, 1 oz for every 2 lbs of body weight, daily
2. Get a script for allopurinol, it’s inexpensive and has no side effects.
3. Take celery seed pills, helps the body not create so much uric acid.
4. Drink 100% fruit juices.
5. Avoid things that dehydrate the body such as coffee, beer, high fructose corn syrup.

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