Holistic Approach toward the Curing of Mental Disorders Blevins

Jody Blevins is from Wikes County, North Carolina. He runs a private mental health services practice with his education and personal experience as a professional psychologist. He is a believer in a Higher Power, and knows that the spirit is part of healing of mental illnesses. So many therapists out there end up cutting corners and prescribing pills to -regulate your hormones- or give you some complex therapy process that doesn’t seem to cut to the chase. Concise Counseling isn’t about that. It’s more about condensing the whole field of mental health services, cognitive behavioral therapy, books on mental illness, in combination with you, into one place-his office, and his holistic approach. This allows you to keep track of your mental illness healing with one person, one source.

The source is not pills or money or therapy. The source is Blevins and/or his book, -A Holistic Approach Toward the Curing of Mental Disorders,- who is really only a go-between from you to your spirit. You will learn your body, mind, heart, and soul through this process of mental illness healing. You won’t have to read and remember countless books on mental illness or buy expensive cognitive behavioral therapy sessions. You will only have to trust that Blevins can help you heal, and that you can heal. You have all you need within your body and mind already. You need no pills or crazy ideas. All you need from your mental health services is to look your illness in the face, decide that it’s not actually a part of you, and then learn to let it go. Letting go becomes easier when you give it up to your spiritual self and can turn there to fill whatever hole you feel you have in abusing substances or thoughts as expressed by your mental illness.

You’re not the illness. Blevins’ mental health services help you realize that you’re not flawed or defective. You’re perfect but just need to straighten some things out, you need to reconnect the parts of your self, and you need an ear to hear you, confidence you can trust, and concision that helps you understand what’s going on. Blevins can give these things: a single holistic book on mental illness; mental health services; and cognitive behavioral therapy. You can get everything you need through him and all parts will be addressed.