Generic Heartgard Medicine

Anyone who finds the expense of Heartgard a little to much then there is a very cheap alternative. Generic Heartgard can be purchased for a fraction of the price. It works just as effectively at preventing heartworms but will not cost very much.

A generic simply means it is a less branded product but with the same active ingredients. The best brands I have found come in at just under twenty dollars for a six month supply which is extremely reasonable. This is much less than half the price of the branded product. It is surprising just how low the price is for a generic.

Generics may not come in such fancy packaging but the effects are the same. They get rid of the young worms that are known as heartworms once they grow to maturity. A generic may not come in a tasty flavor but if administered with a small treat what pet would know the difference? If you want to save money then rest assured it is just as effective.

The active ingredient against heartworms in Heargard is Ivermectin, exactly what is in the generic, and at the same dosage. You can rely on it to act in the same way and with the same satisfying results. You should also try to make your purchase without a prescription to save a visit to the vets and also the cost that this often leads to.

If you want to treat for heartworms on a budget then generic heartgard is certainly your best option.

Generic heartgard is a very effective way to save money. Generic heartworm medicine can be bought cheaply and if you visit the generic heartworm post you can also purchase it without a prescription.