Frontline Medicine – Is It Safe

Frontline medicine is very effective against fleas and ticks but just how safe is it? I decided to take an extremely close look at just how safe it is for our animals.

The overriding result that I found is that it is safe as long as you use it properly and safely. There is no doubt that it is a chemical based solution, with two active ingredients. I will not go in to the technicalities of it, but suffice to say, they work. The two active ingredients, which make up about nine percent percent of the solution, work in two ways.

Firstly one chemical kills all the ticks and fleas currently on your pet by poisoning them. The second will prevent, by killing, any fleas and larvae. This is a two pronged attack which is highly effective. Combined, these two active ingredients will eliminate all ticks on fleas on your dog or cat.

As to whether it is a safe treatment. I could find no evidence to suggest, that if used properly, there is a risk to your animal. There may be a little irritation where it is applied but that is about it. If anything more serious does occur then you need to talk to the vets as soon as possible.

There is a danger, however. This is the same for all chemical based solutions. You must ensure it is handled carefully. It should be kept away from eyes, both yours and your pets. It should never be ingested and try not to get it on your skin. These are all simple safety precautions and should be heeded. Treat frontline with respect and it is safe. If you get it in your eyes then talk to a doctor straight away.

One important point to bear in mind is that you can never mix a treatment for cats with one for dogs. The solutions are different and you should only use the product designed for each animal. You could risk your pet if you try this. The doses are different for each. Just make sure they are well labelled if you have treatments for both in the house.

These are simple precautions that are easy to take. Apply frontline medicine according to the directions. Always keep a very firm hold on your animal to ensure that if the pet tries to shake none of the solution can fly in to your eyes. It is safe for cats and dogs if used correctly but be careful where you put it. Only ever apply to the areas you are told to in the instructions and it is very safe.

Frontline medicine tick and flea treatment is very effective. Visit frontline medicine for lots of information on exactly how frontline medicine treatment works.