Fight Mental Depression, Live Long

If you are feeling mentally exhausted, hurt, upset, and sad, then you just might be suffering from some kind of mental stress. You might not be able to understand what is causing this, but every effort of yours perhaps does not work. This is quite a traumatic situation for a lot of people who understand their situation, but is unable to find a solution to it.

Depression kills. No, really, this is one of the worst things that can happen to you, because it is a process of downward spiral. Feeling low is nothing new, but this is a state of mind that can happen due to a lot of different reasons. Have you ever figured out why you are feeling down? Do you know that your state of mind can be induced by malnutrition? That fat diet you have gone in, that supposedly would make you shed 20 pounds in a month can deprive you of much-needed essential nutrition that would have aided and abetted your mental health. Your mind functions because of your body, and depriving it can cause severe damage to the mind’s state.

The most common reason for depression is some sort of sad event. Death, divorce, job troubles or loss, sexual abuse, or other kind of sadness induces this state of mind. There are two types of depression — one is unipolar depression, which is a constant state of feeling low, without any change. Bipolar depression on the other hand is a state of depression alternated with feeling euphoric and happy, which often borders on madness. There are strong chances of this state of mind being transferrable from one person to the other, and it is noted that families with a history of this mental state are more prone to depression than most.

Another reason for this is the season. A lot of people in Scandinavian countries suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which is a state of mind that happens when you are affected by the season. For example, if you see constant rains outside, it would make you feel upset, enhancing your mental sadness, and projecting and blowing it out of proportions. This is a state of mind which is pretty alarming, and it is connected with sudden cravings for certain kinds of food, like sweets and starch.

Physical illness is often the reason for depression. If you are not fit and have ill-health, you automatically suffer from a bout of mental sadness, and this state is often responsible for slow recovery of the body. Influenza often brings with it a bout of this mental state.

Well, if you are trying to get rid of your state of depression then you should definitely consult your psychiatrist. You can also be with friends, share your troubles, and let someone know of your inner traumas. Talking and counseling helps, and if you can explain your mental state, it makes you feel much better inside, and a change of diet and travelling can help fight this as well.

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