Does Vitamin A Really Benefit Penis Health

Vitamin A plays a very important role in the promotion of healthy skin especially the sensitive skin of penis. Vitamin A enhances cell repair and rejuvenates wrinkled, dry, sore or chafed skin. Men of all ages can suffer from uncomfortable issues connected with penis health, particularly those issues which affect the feel, the look and even the smell of this intimate area. Having any common penis skin issues can result in a detrimental effect on a mans sexual confidence. However there is an easy solution for avoiding common penis skin problems in the form of penis health crmes that contain important nutrients such as vitamin A (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). When penis health crmes are applied to penis skin on a regular basis they provide numerous penile health benefits and help prevent discomfort, embarrassment and even impotence. Feeling confident about the health, the look and the feel of your penis can greatly enhance sexual performance and just make you feel good about yourself.

What is Vitamin A?

Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin, stored in human fat cells and in the liver. Vitamin A is ingested either directly as retinol in certain animal fats, or indirectly as carotenes in vegetables-which the body then converts into Vitamin A. Your daily requirement of Vitamin A should be sufficiently met by a varied diet of animal based proteins together with orange and dark green vegetables. Good dietary sources of retinol are liver, egg yolk, fish liver oils in oily fish, like mackerel, cheese and milk. Good vegetable sources of carotene are dark leafy greens including broccoli, kale and lettuce, or orange vegetables like carrots, pumpkin, tomatoes and sweet potato. The orange pigment of carrots comes from beta-carotene.

Applying Vitamin A topically in a crme does not add to the bodys store of this vitamin, so has no adverse health drawbacks. It simply benefits the specific site of application.

How Vitamin A promotes Penis Health

Many of the properties of Vitamin A, discovered by researchers, have beneficial effects on the health and function of the penis, particularly when directly applied to penis skin.

Vitamin A when included in a topically applied crme rejuvenates penis cells that maintain the healthy look and feel of the penis lessening wrinkles, redness and rough patches. Topically applied penis health creams which contain vitamin A help soften the skin and enable it to retain moisture and prevent skin dryness and improve penis sensitivity.

Moistens Sensitive Membranes

The head of the penis, or glans penis is a sensitive membrane, as is the inside of the foreskin. Vitamin A topically applied as penis health creme gets right to the source and helps moisten sensitive membranes. This helps keep this area of penis working smoothly and efficiently thus promoting penis health, as sensitive membranes play an important role in preventing infection.

Eliminates unpleasant odors

Vitamin A has anti-bacterial properties and thus can eradicate bacteria on penis skin which may produce an unpleasant odor in this very sensitive area.

Keeping Your Penis Healthy

Use a penis health creme that contains vitamin A (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) to prevent premature signs of penile aging including dry, wrinkled penis skin and avoid common penis health problems like red, irritated or chafed penis skin.. which can result in loss of penile sensitivity. Applying a penis crme directly to the skin ensures immediate absorption of penis select vitamins and minerals for maximum health benefits.