Dental Implants Replace Decayed Teeth

No one really ever plans on loosing their natural teeth, but it happens. So how do you take care of it? Dental implants.

Missing teeth can be lost after getting gum disease or other oral problems. Dental implants replace the missing teeth, and are titanium screws which are put into the jaw bone to replace the root of the tooth. A while after the procedure of getting dental implants, the dental implants will attach themselves to the patient’s jaw the way a natural tooth would. Then the rest of the tooth can be attached to the screw part of the dental implants, and you won’t have the problem of missing teeth anymore.

So what things make getting dental implants a good idea? There are actually several things.

Getting dental implants actually has cosmetic benefits. The surgery will leave your mouth looking younger, and after the procedure you will even have the added benefit of less facial sagging. Dental implants are also great because they mimic your natural teeth very well. With dental implants your teeth will be healthy and you will be able to eat anything you want, even things that were hard to eat prior to the surgery.

Another benefit of dental implants is that your dentist can do the surgery to replace just one tooth, or several teeth. You can even have all of your teeth replaced, if you have gum disease or other issues with oral health. If you need dental implants to replace all of your teeth, the surgery is a bit more extensive, but any good Mixillofacial surgeon will be able to give you wonderful dental implants. Oral surgeons have even refined the surgery enough to allow the dental implants to be completely comfortable in the patients mouth. The comfort factor of dental implants is one of the reasons they are preferred more than almost any other type of dental surgery.

Because of advances in technology, surgery for dental implants now has very high success rates for any oral surgeon. Dental implants are now easier to install, and are very successful. This improves the oral health for any patients who choose to get dental implants from an oral surgeon. There have also been enough advances in this surgery, that dental implants rarely cause any sort of infection, or have negative side effects.

Before a patient can get dental implants or any sort of implant surgery, the dentist needs to make sure that the patient has met oral health requirements for the surgery. The main requirement for the dental implants surgery, is that the patients jaw bone must be healthy. Other health issues must also be checked, as before any surgery. If the patient has the correct oral and other health criteria checked off, then the dentist or oral surgeon can go ahead and perform the procedure to give the patient their dental implants. There is also a checkup after the surgery to check how well the patients jaw bone is holding up to the dental implants, and to make sure that everything aligned correctly after surgery. This assessment is done using radio graphs. This way dentists and oral surgeons can check on the dental implants and predict if they are going to keep the patient’s mouth healthy.