Dental Implant Manufacturers What’s The Difference

Dental implants are one of the most common dental procedures requested around the world. Dental implants replace teeth lost due to gum disease, tooth decay, and imperfections of the root canal, and damage caused by accident or trauma. Dental implants generally fall into one of two basic categories:

Endosteal implants – attach directly to bone to provide an anchor for artificial teeth within jawbone structures.
Subperiosteal implant – a metal framework that fits over the jawbone to provide anchors for artificial teeth in cases where bone support structures are damaged or inadequate for securing of implant.

These categories are further separated by type of implant needed and its procedure. For example, common types of dental implants are composed of different materials and procedures. The most common type of dental implant procedures offer:

Root-form titanium dental implant – endosteal implant that is placed directly into the jawbone structure. Artificial teeth are attached to this structure with nails, screws, or cones. This type of procedure is recommended for those with minimal to moderate tooth loss.
Subperiosteal – generally used on patients who don’t have enough bone left in the jaw to support a root form implant. Sub-periosteal implants are placed over the jaw, not in it.
Plate-form – a piece of metal with prongs on one side placed on top of the jawbone, and upright prongs will provide the anchors for artificial teeth.
Ramus-frame – used for those with thin jawbones and placed at the back of the mouth and along the chin. Though visible, they provide superior strength and structure.

Dental implants are strong and durable and can be made of a variety of materials. Your dentist will determine what type of implant to use for your situation. Dental implants can also be categorized as to the type of the head of the implant; external hexagon, internal hexagon, octagon, and so forth. The most common materials used for dental implants are zircon and titanium, but sizes may range between standard, mini, and wide platforms.

What to Know About Dental Implant Brands
Dental implants are made by a number of manufacturers, the most common being:

Nobel Biocare – this leading company is a global producer of dental bridges, implants and crowns. Based in Sweden, they offer a fully integrated line of implants, bridges and crowns for advanced techniques into tooth reconstruction.
Zimmer – based in California, Zimmer is known for their innovative prosthetics and regenerative products. They offer implants of all types noted for their suitability in general practice, periodontitis, prosthodontics, oral surgery and pedodontics. Some of their most common brands include the BioMend Extend Membrane, Hex Lock Contour Abutments, one piece implants and particulate allografts.
Straumann – based in Switzerland, the Straumann Group focuses on oral tissue regeneration technologies and products as well as restorative dentistry, including implants. Their focus is creating techniques and technologies to encourage optimal tissue healing, recovery time, and response to implant technologies.
Biomet 3i -Biomet 3i has served the oral reconstruction marketplace since the late 1980s. Based in Florida, USA, Biomet 3i offers a very comprehensive line of dental implants as well as abutments. Their technologies also ensure adequate site preparation and some regenerative products.
BioHorizons – BioHorizons specializes in innovative and advanced implant technologies, including computer guided surgery software. Utilizing the Maestro External Implant System and Laser Lock technologies, BioHorizons offers dental implant and biologics products in over 80 markets around the world.

Major dental implant manufacturers as those listed above offer innovative and unique solutions for a variety of dental problems, approaches to care, technology and development. Additional dental implant manufacturers, such as Astra Tech, Implant Innovations, Center Pulse and Straumann offer unique technologies and materials in the dentistry field.

Individuals seeking dental implants should carefully research not only providers and techniques that suit their needs, but the source of materials and innovations for their use in order to receive the best in quality, experienced and effective dental care. PlacidWay, a Colorado-based medical provider resource, offers up-to-date information and resources regarding dental providers trained and experienced in using the latest technologies and materials for dental implants for global travelers.

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