Custom Uniforms for Healthcare Workers

Custom healthcare uniforms for nurses can set your medical professionals a step above the competition. A large selection of colors and styles are available to customize your look. Colors can be selected to match your facility’s theme colors for consistency across various departments. Each item is custom made from your color selections and provides a professional appearance for your staff. Healthcare clothing is ideal for employees in hospitals, nursing homes, day facilities, and care centers.

Most nurses uniforms are designed with comfort in mind. Quality fabrics in polyester/cotton and wool/acrylic blends are used for a variety of looks. There are hundreds of combinations of body and trim colors to choose from to create your own unique appearance. Solid colors as well as prints are available for more specific customization, and you can also have your name or company logo custom embroidered on your uniforms. With custom lettering, clients can easily recognize your employees and address them by name for a more personal customer service experience.

A wide selection of styles are available to choose from for men and women alike. Healthcare tunics for men feature a zipper or a concealed stud fastening in the front and an adjustable collar. Breast and hip pockets are roomy and provide adequate space for your healthcare supplies. There is a wide selection of nurses tunics for women that have various collar shapes and styles with a zippered front. They also feature a pleated back for ease of movement while performing your healthcare duties. Color swatches can be viewed online to create the perfect color combination for your company.

Custom cardigans are also available and can be worn with your coordinating healthcare clothing. These cardigans are constructed of a knit material and have a button front closure. They have a fitted, modern shape and can be customized with a contrasting trim around the wrists and bottom. These cardigans give a more professional look when worn by your staff with our matching healthcare tunics. They also provide warmth in cooler seasons and in buildings with variable temperatures without taking away from your professional appearance.

To help with sizing, you can be provided with a sizing sample set of the tunic you choose to ensure a proper fit. Plus sizing is also available up to size 32. There are no special washing requirements and they can be laundered like any other clothing items.

Once the uniform selection is made, it will take approximately four to six weeks from production to arrival at your location. Reorders can easily be made after an initial order of twenty or more units. Your uniforms are made to your specifications as indicated in your order. For customers who are short on time, premade medical uniforms can be a similar option. These uniforms are ready to ship for clients who want the look of custom made uniforms without the four to six week turnaround time.

If you’re looking for high quality nurses uniforms that will make a lasting impression on your clients, custom color coordinated uniforms can exceed your expectations!