Curing Eczema

I wanted to talk to you about curing eczema. This is a skin condition that many people run into and it is surprisingly hard for the medical community to cure. It is this red dried out irritation that can be on various parts of your body, like your face. Over the span of many years I’ve tried a lot of different creams that didn’t do a single thing to solve the problem. The worst part of having this, especially on your face, is that it just looks so bad and gives you a red complexion. Most people seem to think it is contagious. I’m going to talk with you about curing eczema.

I’m going to share with you a little bit of my story. Naturally when I first started to see this red irritation on my skin, I would find a cream to put on it. After trying various kinds, without the problem fixing itself, I went to the doctor to ask them. At first he didn’t believe it was even eczema and recommended some other cream. After reporting back to him that it didn’t work he offered some medicine. The medicine worked for a little while. When I consulted with the doctor again, he said I would have to swap between medicines because my body would adapt to it and it wouldn’t work any more.

At this point, I was done with medicine. I knew I would have to figure out on my own about curing eczema. Instead of taking the topical approach and putting creams on the skin, I thought I’d think about my inside and why it was causing my skin to do this. I learned that when it came to my diet essential fatty acids were important for the production of hormones that kept my skin healthy. I started to consume a lot more of this by getting fish oil. After a week, my eczema cleared up and hasn’t been back since.

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