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Where are dental crowns used?
Dental crowns, which form the replica of top surface of a tooth, perform wonderfully as a shield to broken or weak natural tooth. Crowns form a cap over natural tooth which requires to be protected of covered. They are cemented in place over the natural tooth or an implant which is fit in place of lost tooth. Crowns can be made of various materials with porcelain and ceramic types being widely used on the market today because of their esthetics and other properties. Following are few situations where crowns are used.
When the tooth is weak or broken
Over dental implants
As a cover when the natural tooth has extensive fillings
As a cosmetic solution for dull colored tooth

Where are bridges used?
Bridges are used as restoration appliances when there is a missing tooth/teeth. These bridges use natural teeth as anchors and place an artificial false tooth as a replacement for missing tooth. Since the crowns are cemented over natural teeth, bridges can only be removed by a dentist at the dental office.

Bridges use natural tooth as anchors which necessitates the grinding down of natural tooth in order to fit the crowns. Bridges improve the ability to bite and chew. As a form of prosthodontic treatment, bridges have done exceptionally well in enhancing the dental wellness of patients.

Crowns and Bridges
Not all our teeth are fortunate to be fit and healthy. At times, due to number of factors a tooth may break or may fall off creating an empty space in the dentition. Prosthodontic treatment helps in restoring lost or broken tooth through various means. Crowns and bridges are two most popular fixed restoration appliances which rejuvenate the fitness of the oral cavity. They not only strengthen the teeth by acting as a wonderful replacement, but also improve the dental health by protecting the teeth and periodontium from various types of diseases.

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