Celebrities And Their Mental Health Issues

When it comes to celebrities it can be hard sometimes to tell whether the celebrity has an actual mental illness or they are just playing it up for the press and the public. Sometimes though these mental illnesses that occur in celebrities are the real thing; and they do seek help to cope with their problems. We are going to take a look at some celebrities that are suffering from mental illnesses.

Brittany Spears: Spears is one of the most recognized stars that are suffering from mental illnesses. She has never been diagnosed with bi-polar, schizophrenia or depression; although there is a huge amount of speculation that is going around from both the public and her closest friends. Spears suffered a meltdown in 2008 that has gotten her kids taken from her and she lost custody of them. She was institutionalized and given an evaluation for different mental illnesses.

Jean Claude Van Damme: The movie actor was diagnosed with bi-polar after doing time in a rehab for is cocaine addiction. He considered suicide, but thought he should seek help instead. He is now taking a prescription drug called sodium valproate. Van Damme’s career was doing a lot of martial art movies, and he says that without that training he would have gone into a depression that he would not have been able to climb out of.

DMX: This former rapper is now a known meth addict and has been consumed by drugs and mental illnesses. He was the only artist that had both his album debut at the number one spot. The only time that he has admitted to his illnesses is in one of his songs he refers to himself as being manic depressive and having extreme paranoia. He still struggles with these mental disorders as well as his drug problems.

Halle Berry: Halle Berry suffers from depression; she admitted publicly that she tried to commit suicide after her divorce from her first husband. After her second marriage she has attended a sex rehab with your husband to try and keep him with her. She suffers from low self-esteem that spirals into an extreme depression.

Marilyn Monroe: Monroe was moved from foster home to foster home in her youth. Even with her past Monroe became the biggest and most well known celebrity of her time. Marilyn Monroe suffered from manic depression this started to happen when she started taking sleeping pills, had several miscarriages and the loss of a major motion picture. She then entered into a mental health institution, but was released a short time later and was then found dead two months later after over dosing on sleeping pills.

Princess Diana: The Princess was one of the most influential people of her time. Diana suffered from bulimia for decades she started dieting when someone called her “pudgy” and then it quickly went out of control and spiraled into bulimia. She also suffered from depression.

Celebrities hide their illnesses most of the time, but never forget that they are out there and that even a celebrity can have a mental illness they are struggle with.