Celebrities And Their Fight With Cancer

It is really good news that Yuvraj has recovered from cancer. He is just back from America where his treatment for the lung cancer was going on. He had a cancerous tumor just above the artery of his heart. Cancer is one of the most fatal diseases and thanks to God for Yuvraj, it was detected when it was only at its first stage. According to his father, signs were started showing up about two years before but he didnt take it seriously. He has a family with cancer history and therefore it was even more important for him to go for a regular checkup but he didnt. He went for it only six months back and was diagnosed with an early stage of cancer. We can say that ultimately, he was lucky that he got the check up done and got the treatment at right time, as many celebrities have died of cancer in the recent past.

There are some more celebrities who are fighting with or have defeated the cancer like Yuvraj. Michael Douglas, famous American actor and producer, who has won two Academy Awards and three Golden Globes, was diagnosed with an advance stage of cancer but now his treatment is over. Michael Hall, better known for his television hit, Dexter on Star World, was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma. This type of cancer is curable and now after a successful treatment he is back to his acting career. Martina Navratilova, Czech American tennis player, described her first reaction to news when she was diagnosed of Breast Cancer as her Personal 9/11. Like Yuvraj they all got the check-ups done at right time and therefore got the treatment and survived. Yet we have a good number of celebrities who were not very lucky like these people and died of this fatal disease.

Steve Jobs, an American businessman, designer, inventor and co-founder of Apple Inc. died of respiratory arrest because of metastatic tumor in the year 2011. He was diagnosed with cancer in mid 2004 but he went for alternative treatments instead for removing the tumor immediately and also did not receive the chemotherapy. Jade Goody is another name who died of cancer recently. Jade Goody became a known name after her appearance in Channel 4 reality TV show Big Brother. She was accused of racist bullying against her housemate and Indian actress Shilpa Shetty. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer in the year 2008 and died one year later. Celebrities like Walt Disney and Jesse Owens also had died of lung cancer and there are many more names in the list.

Cancer is curable, only if it is diagnosed at its early stage. It can be treated by chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery. But you are advised to go for a regular checkup and especially when you already have a family history for this disease. BCCI and the all Indian cricket and Yuvrajs fans are breathing a sigh of relief with the return of Yuvraj. We all are now hoping that he will be fit enough to give amazing performance like earlier in the playgrounds soon.