Review Summary

The ingredients in these formulas, however, are far from being capable of delivering the promised results, none of them recognized as fat burners or appetite suppressants.

Ingredients at a Glance

Capslim products contain ingredients such as malabar, butterwort, arnica, tracomin, oats, zacate de limon, linseed, and cocoa.

Ingredients in Focus

Malabar is a spinach-like vegetable used in cooking, and butterwort and arnica have antibacterial properties. Zacate de limon translates into marijuana of lemon, which seems to be a particular variety of marijuana.

Tracomin seems to be an herb fairly unknown outside of Mexico. And ingredient like linseed, or flax seed, and oats are only appropriate for dieters in that they help digestion by adding fiber to the diet. Cocoa may be added to Capslim products for flavoring purposes, but may support health by fortifying the heart.


-Contains a few helpful, natural ingredients


-Seems to contain marijuana, a controlled substance in the US

-Promises to control symptoms of obesity with no reference to which ingredients serve this purpose

-No testimonials at this time

-Does not seem to contain either a proven fat burner or appetite suppressant

-May be difficult for English speakers to learn more about products as the official website is entirely in Spanish

-Out of coutry manufacturing could mean differing or lowered standards

Final Thoughts

The first red flag for Capslim is its dismissal of exercise as necessary; any weight loss aid must be used in conjunction with regular exercise and a healthy diet. The second mark against it seems to be its use of a substance like marijuana, which is not only a controlled drug in the US but is also proven to stimulate appetite. The remaining ingredients, while not necessarily harmful, are not likely to help you reach an ideal weight. If you are going to take the time to establish a fitness and diet routine, you do not want to upset your hard by choosing an ineffective weight loss aid. Be sure your diet supplement compliments your weight loss program by enhancing metabolism and helping you fight cravings.