Cancer; One Of The Top Killing Diseases In The World

It’s sad, but very true. Variations such as prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, skin cancer, and bladder cancer have widely become “top killers” amongst people all over the world. One of the reasons for this is because of the way people eat. I know that might sound really far-fetched, but if you do a little research you soon find out that this is actually a very true fact. Fatty foods, candy, junk food, etc can possibly turn your body into an infestation of not only fat, but also some other scary diseases such as cancer.

For men, the two top diseases as far as malignant neoplasm goes is prostate and pancreatic. For women, its ovarian, skin and breast cancer. Obviously as far as skin cancer goes – this doesn’t really have much to do with your diet. But the other ones listed above very much do. It seems that a lot of people simply eat what they eat because they aren’t sure what kind of diet they should be ingesting. Thankfully for us, there are several million websites and books on this subject, however, this can become quite time consuming.

One of the best things I can suggest to you is to find a website that is specifically designed in selling natural treatments for cancer books. These are going to be books that you can buy, download and read at your own leisure. They are going to teach you things like:

– The 2 ingredient diet about which an oncologist said; “this diet is far and away the most successful anti-cancer diet in the world”. He further claimed that the inventor of the diet (a six-time Nobel Prize nominee) “demonstrated to my initial disbelief, but lately, to my complete satisfaction in my practice is: cancer is curable, the treatment is dietary/lifestyle, the response is immediate; the cancer cell is weak and vulnerable…”

– The nutritional supplement for which physicians are reporting complete remission of aggressive, stage IV cancers that have metastasized, as well as continued positive responses in other patients with previously chemo-resistant cancers. One treatment center has noted a 70% positive response rate in Stage IV cancer patients with most taking eight teaspoons of the supplement per day. One Stage IV breast cancer patient who refused chemo and radiation and was given two weeks to live by Hospice, got better with the help of this supplement. This supplement has also been shown to reduce the negative side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

– The unique device that is reported to reduce pain, raise energy levels, and increase survival. Apparently, many physicians are recommending it to their patients. This device increases the levels of negative ions of oxygen in the body’s fluids and tissues, exactly as Nature produces. As two-time Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg said “Cancer cannot survive in an oxygen-rich environment”. Additionally, the device utilizes specific frequencies that may enhance your immune system and eradicate bacteria and viruses linked to your cancer.

– The gentle, inexpensive DIY treatment for when you need to carry on as normal with a 50-60% estimated success rate. This London biochemist has been trying to get authorities to check out his treatment for 20 years. It apparently knocks out the mitochondria or ‘energy centres’ in cancer cells whilst leaving normal cells unharmed. It is backed up by over 50 research papers, and apparently has succeeded for breast cancer, colon cancer, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, glioblastoma, pancreatic cancer, etc. A low cost source is identified for the 3 25mg tablets that need to be taken each day – working out around 60 cents a day!

From the info stated above you can see that some of these books are literally going to answer all of your questions and concerns, but they are also going to teach you step-by-step procedures and methods on how to get rid of cancer the healthy way, how to eat better, and what other methods you can use in order to keep away painful side effects that cancer can often bring to the table (depending on the disease) such as chronic pain, nausea, fatigue, dizziness, wheezing, abdominal swelling, etc.

Natural therapies ARE the way to go. And if you aren’t sure if this IS the best thing for you I have to say to you; what do you have to lose? Nothing. You only have to gain from trying new things out which may in fact either cure you or make you at least feel and look better!