Cancer Cures, the FDA Says You Can’t Have,by Douglas Fanning

B-17 Laetrile- What is it? B17 is found in all fruit seeds such as apple, peach, plum, cherry, orange, nectarine and apricot. It is found in some beans and many grasses such as wheat grass. The hard wooden pit in the middle of a peach is not supposed to be thrown away. In fact, the wooden shell is strong armor protecting one of the most important foods known to man, the seed. It is one of the main courses of food in cultures such as the Navajo Indians, the Hunza, the Abkasians and many more.

OK, so a lot of people eat it. So What? Within these tribes there has never been a reported case of cancer- There are doctors and scientists from the U.S. living with in these tribes right now studying this phenomena. The Hunza represent a population that has been cancer free for over 900 years of its existence. This population has a natural diet, which supplies on the average between 50 to 75 milligrams of Vitamin B17 a day.

How Does it Work? It changes the manner in which tumors develop and interact with surrounding cells The difference between Malignant and Benign tumors is that malignant cancer eats normal healthy cells next to it as it grows and B-17 stops this!.

Great! So why don’t we just go to the vitamin store and get B-17? The FDA won’t let you! With few exceptions it is not even allowed to be sold in the US. The pharmaceuticals companies together with the medical establishment pushed the FDA into making it illegal to sell -raw- apricot seeds or vitamin B17 and has suppressed, lied about its effects on cancer. One scientist, Ralph Moss left the Sloan-Kettering Institute when they refused to publish their findings on Laetrile. It didn’t work on all cancers, but it had stopped metastases 100% of the time. Even to this day, you can’t get raw apricot seeds in your health food store, only the sun dried ones which have all the important enzymes killed off.

You can only get it in it’s natural state- so if we want enough to be of benefit, you have start eating apricot seeds. It is a natural substance, therefor not subject to patent protection. Consequently no matter how effective it is, the drug companies can’t make BILLIONS from it. So,they will never spend the 500 to 1 Billion required to do an FDA approved study- and until such a study is done, it can’t get FDA approval. Without FDA approval it can’t be sold as a cancer treatment. The result, those that would benefit from it- DON’T!

IS CANCER JUST A DIETARY DEFICIENCY? As Crazy as it many sound, evidence appears to indicate, so. We know that cultures that make this an integral part of their diet have virtually ZERO incidence of cancer. We also know that many of the most horrible, debilitating diseases in human history turned out to be caused by dietary problems! Scurvy, rickets, pellagra and Beri Beri were simple deficiencies of vitamin C and B which also took decades and killed millions before the powers that be and the medical industry of the time accepted the simple solution of vitamins.

Cancer does not appear to be an infectious disease, but rather a metabolic one. We already know that environment and nutritional factors contribute to it. As with scurvy, rickets, Beri Beri and others, why would it not make sense that there might be a nutritional component? Shouldn’t we be allowed to find out!

This is fact- no chronic or metabolic disease in the history of medicines has ever been prevented or cured, except by factors normal to the diet or normal to the animal economy.

We are all familiar with scury and rickets. But now, look at the history of Pernicious anemia, which had a mortality rate of 98 or 99 percent. While working at the University of California they discovered a very simple remedy for preventing and curing this disease. They simply said to their patients, -go down to your butcher shop and get a quarter pound of fresh liver. Take the quarter pound, grind it up and cook it lightly by just singing the surface and use this as a ration of a tablespoon every day for three days.- When the patients followed this advice without exception, those with Pernicious anemia made complete recoveries.

How were these men rewarded for saving these lives?? They were censored by the Medical Establishment at the time and were criticized for engaging in what was alleged to be Medical Quackery. Government and Medical establishment in action- The argument was, how can respectable doctors advise people with a disease that has a 99 percent mortality rate to ignore all of the established drugs of medical science and go down to the butcher shop and buy some raw liver and take this and expect this to cure a disease that nothing else had cured. Well, raw liver did cure the disease and raw liver did prevent it.

The only thing that should ever matter is -is it effective-, not was it created by a drug company.

The chemistry of raw liver was studied it was discovered that the factors responsible were Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid. So Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid are now a part of our normal dietary experience. Isn’t about time to allow us to see what the benefits of Vitamin B-17 might be?

Science and the FDA is concerned with what to them is a preposterous idea that by eating the seed of fruit you can prevent a disease that carries a mortality rate almost as high as that once carried by pernicious anemia. They feel it’s preposterous because it goes against established dogma. But as we’ve seen before, established beliefs are irrelevant. The scientific reality either is or isn’t. And This is the scientific reality The seeds of all fruits (except citrus) contain Vitamin B17, an anti cancer vitamin. All available information indicates that If we ingest proper quantities for this vitamin, either in the pure form or through ingesting the nitrilosidic foods, we will be able to prevent this decease just as surely as we are able to prevent Scurvy by the use of vitamin C or Pernicious enemia by the use of vitamin B12.

There have been many fatal devastating diseases that now have become virtually unknown due to proper dietary supplementation. We should be allowed to see if this is one of them.

HOW TO GET B-17 LAETRILE- Simply put, it’s not easy.> Unfortunately I cannot give the URL of a company which sells this product because of FDA persecution of liquid laetrile. But if you copy and paste the line at the end of this paragraph into Google you might be able to find a vendor of the liquid and tablet form. In Mexico laetrile is called: Amigdalina. Copy and paste the next line into the Google search engine: Amigdalina apricot Mexico.