Can Micro-chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Treat Renal Failure

Can Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Treat Renal Failure? The answer is yes. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is to make the effective traditional Chinese medicines finely shattered, and with the help of penetrant and osmosis devices, the medicines can permeate into damaged kidney through external application. It is an innovative treatment of Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is totally different from Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment and has its unique features.

1. Different serieses of medicines for different symptoms of different patients: in total, there are nine different serieses of medicines created by the experts in our hospital in order to treat variable kidney diseases. In addition, the medicines for children differ from those for adults. In this way, the patients will not be wrongly treated and a better therapeutic will be achieved.

2. External application: it is known that many oral medicines may overload liver so side effects can not be avoided. On contrary, external application doesn’t have this kind of problems.

3. Finely shattered medicines: drugs are shattered into molecular which are smaller than the mesh diameter of glomerular basement membrane, so the drugs could easily penetrate the barriers which impede the drugs go into the lesions. The researches has shown that about most of the effective medicines can arrive at damaged kidney, thus achieving the goal of treating inner diseases by external application.

4. Shortcut: no matter the medicines belong to west or east, if they are oral medicines, there will be a long way to go until arriving damaged kidney which is situated at the lower part of one’s back. In addition, during the process, some of the medicines are losing gradually. On contrary, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy puts the medicines just under the backs of the patients, which makes effective medicines be fully used.

The process of the development of Renal Failure is the gradual decrease of effective nephrons and the decline of the renal function. In this process, the bilateral kidneys will shrink and a large amount of glomeruli will ossify and the tubules and interstitial will appear. Therefore, the process of Renal Failure is the process of the aggravation of renal fibrosis. It is significant to block the renal fibrosis so as to control the development of the illness condition effectively.

Blocking renal fibrosis is a hard problem in medical field. Though many institutions pointed out that some Chinese medicine has effect in blocking renal fibrosis, there is only a few that apply the medicine clinically. The medicine we use is a series of Chinese medicine processed by high technology. After micronization, the activity of the medicine will increase and some medicine that cannot make full play of the effect in normal condition can also showing the effect.

The synthetization and accumulation of large amount of extracellular matrix play the key role of causing renal fibrosis. Excessive accumulation of extracellular matrix will lead to the decline of renal function. In this process, the synthetization of myofibroblast plays an important part in synthesizing extracellular matrix. In order to block the renal fibrosis, we must stop the transformation from fibroblast to myofibroblast. The activity material of Chinese medicine will closely fuse with the molecules of myofibroblast and dissolve it, break it. The broken myofibroblast will be devoured by the phagocytes and discharged out of body.

The core of the treatment for Renal Failure is to block the aggravating chain of renal fibrosis and the key point of blocking renal fibrosis is to find the medicine that can prevent the transformation to myofibroblast. Micro-Chinese medicine is just such a kind of medicine.