Boost Your Mental Health And Strengthen Your Immune System With The Flavonoids

The flavonoids are a collection of plant based nutrients with numerous health benefits. They have generated more and more interest in recent years due to the many ways they can benefit your body. In this article I will be providing a full breakdown of 3 flavonoids, discussing some of the best food sources and outlining their main health benefits.


The chalconoids are found in very few foods. In fact the leaves of ashitaba, eucalyptus and liquorice plants are considered the best sources. However, you can still incorporate them into your diet by taking herbal supplements or drinking herbal teas that contain these leaves.

By eating more chalconoids you can significantly boost your overall health. These flavonoids are antibacterials (substances which slow down the growth of bacteria), antifungals (substances which treat fungal infections), antimicrobials (substances that slow down the growth of micro-organisms) and antioxidants (substances that protect your body from the damaging free radicals which are released during oxygen related reactions). In addition to this, the chalconoids act in a protective capacity by preventing acne (a skin condition characterised by red pimples), preventing Alzheimer’s disease (a mental disorder which leads to memory loss and impaired speech), preventing cancer (a disease which leads to rapid, uncontrollable cellular growth), preventing diabetes (a disease which causes your blood glucose to become extremely high) and preventing heart disease.


The flavanones are a citrus based flavonoid with grapefruits and oranges being particularly good sources. Citrus fruits are a great healthy snack and by eating them between meals you can fill your body with flavanones.

In terms of health benefits, the flavanones are potent antioxidants that strengthen your immune system and keep your blood healthy. They also act in a protective capacity against many diseases such as cancer and diabetes. Additionally, these flavonoids keep your liver healthy by acting as an antihepatoxic (a substance which protects the liver from damaging toxins) and supporting the production of new liver cells.


The flavanonols can be sourced from milk thistle and red onion although the exact amounts these foods contain are not known. They have various health benefits which include acting as antihistamines (substances that neutralise the effects of histamine and prevent allergic symptoms), anti-inflammatories (substances that reduce unnecessary inflammation within the body) and antioxidants. They also reduce your risk of contracting cancer and diabetes. In addition to this, these flavonoids boost your blood health by improving circulation and reducing high blood pressure.