Avoiding Serious Dental Health Problems

When it comes to our teeth, people all across the world are suffering serious health problems due to unclean mouths and poor dental care. Perhaps the most common disease among our nation is dental caries or cavities. There are a number of different factors involved with these diseases, such as poor nutrition and diets with too much sugar. .

There are a few cases where poor dental health can be attributed to a family’s genes, even though they are doing everything they can to practice good dental hygiene. At the same time, you should not neglect to clean your teeth just because your grandfather had perfect teeth. While dentistry technology was not as advanced back then as it is now, your grandfather could have used tooth powder and brine to clean his teeth. Or perhaps the city he lived in had a water supply high in fluoride.

Even if your situation is unique and you can find no explanation for the poor health of your mouth and teeth, there are still some things you can do to help. You could start by asking the government to fluoridate the water supply in your area. Fluoridated water helps protect you and your children from serious dental diseases with a lesser chance of getting cavities. It can also prevent osteoporosis.

Bacteria feed primarily on sugar. By practicing good nutritional habits and eating a diet of foods with less sugar, you can help keep your mouth and teeth clean of plaque and bacteria. You should especially avoid sugar in sticky forms, as these are more prone to leave plaque on your teeth. There has been a number of researches conducted proving that people who snack on sugary foods between meals are more prone to getting cavities. For this reason, give your children healthy snacks during the day. Never dip your baby’s pacifier in honey or syrup.

Certain families suffer from hereditary fructose intolerance. The consumption of fructose and sucrose makes these people get really sick, so they avoid sugary foods and drinks. This may seem like a bad thing, but people with this disease also have much better dental health due to the lack of sugar in their diets.

Instead of eating lots of sweet and sugary foods, fill your diet with refined foods and starches, vitamins and minerals, and lots of water. Water acts as a natural cleanser for both your mouth and your overall body. Your gums and teeth have a lot to do with your nutritional health, and your teeth will form better if you practice good dental hygiene. Eating harder foods will also stimulate your gums and promote a healthy mouth. Poor dental health can lead to poor health in general for our bodies. The bacteria that cover our teeth eventually gets swallowed up with whatever we eat or drink, leading to our digestive and reproductive systems. Our mouths consist of teeth, gums, oral mucosa and the tongue. All of these parts need to be thoroughly cleaned multiple times a day to stay fresh and clear of bacteria.

You should use a toothbrush with toothpaste after every meal. Using dental floss and mouthwash at least twice a day will also be very beneficial for you and your mouth. For those people with especially bad dental situations, it is important to have regular appointments scheduled with a professional dentistry, such as Florida Advanced Dentistry, so they can monitor the situation in your mouth. Professional dentists have been trained with the latest technology to monitor the health of our teeth and help us prevent the most painful dental problems, some of which involve surgery. Visit your dentist’s office regularly to keep this from happening to your or your family members.