Acne Puss – Help! How Do I Get Rid Of Pimples Filled With Puss

If you’ve ever had acne puss, you are concerned about what this means and are wondering, how do I get rid of pimples filled with puss? This article describes why you are experiencing this problem and what can do about it.

It all starts when the body starts producing oil called sebum. Around puberty, the body begins to surge with hormones and with it comes a large production of sebum. Acne occurs when the follicle or pore of the skin becomes clogged. Under these conditions, if the skin isn’t cleansed properly, you can find that your acne can multiply at an alarming speed. After some redness and swelling, the white blood cells start attacking the bacteria trying to get it out of your system. This can cause pustules, which is simply a pore filled with puss. Obviously this isn’t something that you want now, and it certainly is something you want to avoid in the future!

If you want to keep your skin clean and clear, you should use a mild facial cleanser or acne wash twice a day. Gently cleanse the skin with your fingers, rinse well and pat dry. Avoid soap as this is very drying. Sometimes this is enough, but if you have a very bad case of acne, you should use benzoyl peroxide acne cream. benzoyl peroxide creams come in different strengths, so you can start out with 0.5 and work up to 2.5 benzoyl peroxide gel or cream, if you need it. Just go slow and use a tiny bit to start with. Just apply it to the affected area, not all over your whole face. If you are wondering where to buy benzoyl peroxide, you can get it at your local drugstore. Use a moisturizer afterwards, because benzoyl peroxide is very drying.

Another thing you can do is avoid touching your face to spread bacteria. Changing your pillowcase and towel frequently can also help. The main objective is to keep your face clean and avoid excess sebum buildup.

Now you know what causes acne puss and how to take care of your skin, so don’t have to ask the question, how do I get rid of pimples filled with puss? Instead, you can have cleaner, clearer skin and feel great about the way you look.