Acne Myths And Legends

There are many myths and legends that surround the subject of acne, one of which goes back as early as the 1700s. Acne myths and “old wives tales” abound – and can cause a bad acne situation to get worse.

Here are a few of the most popular acne myths:

Acne Myth: If you don’t wash your face or bathe enough you will get acne.

The Truth is: Dirty skin does not cause acne, and too much washing and scrubbing ( especially vigorous scrubbing ) to try to get rid of the acne will actually make acne worse by irritating and inflaming the already sensitive skin. Washing the face twice a day with a good noncomedogenic skin cleanser is recommended. If your acne skin is severely inflamed, use cool water and a soft cloth or your hands to wash your face and any other acne areas.

Acne Myth: Eating chocolate causes acne.

The Truth is: Eating chocolate does not cause acne. This does not mean that you should consume mass quantities of chocolate or candy if you have acne. If you like chocolate – you can eat some.

The most recent news is that your diet does matter, and if you have acne you should be eating a healthy diet with as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible – and lots of water, which makes sense for anyone. A healthy diet, vitamin supplements, and exercise boost the immune system which helps to fight acne, and health problems in general. So go ahead – eat a little chocolate and enjoy it, but also enjoy a healthful diet.

Acne Myth: There is no way to cure acne.

The Truth is: Many people have cured their acne using a variety of different methods, including all natural treatments and conventional methods.

In a slight case of acne with few breakouts, acne may be cleared relatively quickly. In more severe cases, it may take some determination and dedication to the chosen treatment, as these cases take longer to clear up. Remember, it can take weeks to see visible results depending on the treatment used, so patience is a real virtue when it comes to curing acne. ( Always consult your doctor or dermatologist first – before you decide on an acne treatment.)

Acne Myth: Sex causes acne.

The Truth is: Sex does not cause acne – this is the myth that goes back to the 1700s, when well meaning adults tried to scare the younger generation by saying that all sorts of terrible things would happen to them if they engaged in sexual activity. If you really think about it, if sex caused acne, then just about everyone in the world would have acne…and this is obviously untrue.

Acne Myth: If you shave, your acne will get worse.

The Truth is: Men with acne can shave successfully with the following dermatologist recommendations:

Use disposable safety razors, or if you prefer, use an electric razor – whichever works for you.

Use warm water to soften your beard before you shave. Avoid using pre-shave lotions with alcohol and fragrances, this can irritate acne.

Shave with the grain of the hair – not against it, as this can be irritating. Shave gently, don’t use too much pressure – especially around the acne areas.

Acne Myth: Squeezing and popping pimples and blackheads will make them go away.

The Truth is: This actually makes acne worse, sometimes much worse. Squeezing acne pimples and blackheads force bacteria further into the skin causing more infection, inflammation, redness, and more breakouts.