A list of potential eczema causes

Eczema is also known as atopic dermatitis in medical terms. To determine what actually cause an eczema can not yet be done, because there are many potential causes of an eczema.

However, most doctors and scientists belive that an eczema is the result of genetics combined with certain environmental factors. Another certain fact is that children are more predisposed to developing an eczema is one of his/ her parents or both of them suffer or have suffered from allergies such as hay fever or asthma. Some people can outgrow the eczema skin symptoms, but unfortunately seventy five percent of all children that have eczema actually develop asthma or even hay fever. Furthermore, environmental factors most often bring eczema symptoms, especially in people that have inherited the disease characteristic. Another cause that can lead to an eczema is malfunction of the person’ s immune system. Studies have been made and the results showed that people who suffer from eczema actually have low levels of the proteins that are essential to your immune system for it to function healthy and also have risen levels of other proteins that can cause allergic reactions. Your immune system can actually become misguided can create an eczema. Inflammations of the skin can appear even when there is no infection in your body. This case that can lead to an eczema can be looked at as an auto immunity case, where your body actually acts against its tissues causing harm instead of fighting against it.

Some time ago, before other eczema causes have been found, doctors actually believed that the cause of eczema was an emotional disorder. Nowadays, it has been proven that emotional factors can indeed make an eczema worse, but under any circumstances, like stress or other emotional disorders, they can not cause an eczema.

As science evolves and more and more studies are made, new causes of eczema arise. Although genetics is always going to be considered the main cause of an eczema, new and amazing discoveries are made each day. Who knows, maybe sometime in the future the actual cause of an eczema will be found. All we know today is that genetics together with some environmental factors are the main reason why a person can develop an eczema. Furthermore, some of the things that were thought to cause an eczema before are now proved just to be the cause of flare- ups..

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