The Best Natural Herbal Medicine For Diabetes Diabkil

There are few hypoglycemiant herbs and any of these can work as the best natural herbal medicine for diabetes. Diabetes can be classified into two categories, type I and type II. Type I diabetes is also called as insulin dependent diabetes due to the fact that person suffering with this type does not produce insulin in sufficient quantity or not at all. In type II diabetes person does not respond to the insulin activity and has higher sugar levels in the blood. Type II diabetes is more common than type I nearly 90% of total cases of diabetes are of type II. Hypoglycemiant herbs are very effective in reducing the blood sugar levels which makes them useful for patients suffering with any type of the disease. Regular and disciplined use of the herbs in right doses work as the best natural herbal medicine for diabetes.

Cinnamon is one of the popular natural herbal medicines for diabetes as it is useful for diabetics as well as healthy people who are at high risk of suffering with this disease. This is effective for type I and type II both though it does not stimulate pancreas to produce insulin but its properties to lower blood sugar benefits both types of patients. Banaba tea is very popular natural herbal medicine for diabetes, the banaba plant is referred as plant-insulin or botanical-insulin and its extract or tea is commonly used to treat high blood sugar.

Green tea is one of the easily available and perhaps the best natural herbal medicine for diabetes. In many researches the ingredients of green tea like EGCG have shown substantial increase in insulin activity to reduce sugar levels by its higher metabolism. Another very important effect of green tea is that it reduces absorption of sugar in the intestine, this property is excellent in preventing sugar levels from peaking. Like green tea fenugreek is also one of the best natural herbal medicines for diabetes.

This herb contains amino acids like 4-hydroxyisoleucine which is very effective in stimulating pancreas to produce more insulin. This effect of fenugreek is very useful for patients suffering with type I diabetes. Another very important property of this herb due to alkaloids like gentianine, trigonelline and capaine is that it decreases insulin resistance in the body allowing cells to absorb sugar metabolized by insulin.

Bitter gourd after many researches has also been found as one of the very effective natural herbal medicine for diabetes. This also supplements the body with insulin which lowers blood sugar to provide relief from the disorder naturally. Bitter gourd can be cooked and consumed as vegetable regularly and also its juice can be consumed on an empty stomach once or twice in a day depending on person’s need for lowering blood sugar levels. Garlic and onion are also very useful, compound in garlic called allicin is very effective in treating high sugar levels, garlic and onion like bitter gourd can also be consumed with meals as part of diet for beneficial results and treating the problem naturally. You can take all these herbs in capsules form, Diabkil capsules contains all necessary and vital herbs in good combination to control diabetes naturally.