Vitamin A For Acne How Much And How Often

Although there are several vitamins and minerals that are important for preventing acne breakouts, the most important nutrients are Vitamin A and Vitamin B-2.

Vitamin A perhaps best known for keeping our eyesight healthy, but scientists have already found that it also prevents and cures acne. Vitamin A is necessary for converting the fatty acids in our blood stream into normal and healthy oil in our sebaceous gland. Healthy sebaceous oil flows smoothly out of the glands and pores of the skin, thus providing a thin layer of protection. Not thick and non-sticky, it also does not trap dead skin cells. dirt, or bacteria.

Meanwhile, Vitamin B-2 or Riboflavin is responsible for converting Vitamin A into an active, non-toxic form. Vitamin A actually naturally comes in three different forms, and one form actually becomes toxic when it accumulates in significant amounts in the body. All forms of Vitamin A need to be converted into different derivatives for Vitamin A to do its job properly. And Vitamin B-2 is the essential co-enzyme factor that works in the liver to convert Vitamin A .

Vitamin A and B-12: Essential Co-factors

All told, without enough Vitamin B-2, no matter how much Vitamin A you take, you still won’t have clear acne-free skin, no matter how much you hope and pray for it. It can even become toxic if you don’t take any Riboflavin to go along with your Vitamin A.

This co-factor partnership between Vitamin A and Vitamin B-2 is never more apparent in the production of rhodopsin and retinene for healthy eyesight. Rhodopsin and retinene are the chemicals that allow you to see even at night and in dim lighting conditions. It has been established by scientists that even when when you take in sufficient amounts of Vitamin, night blindness can still occur if you are deficient in Vitamin B-2.

Vitamin B-12: Acne in Baboons

A group of baboons were once placed on a diet that had all the essential vitamins except for Riboflavin or Vitamin B-2. Within six (6) months, the faces of the baboons were covered by a mass of skin eruptions similar to skin breakouts in teenagers.

The skin problems occurred even though the baboons had plenty of Vitamin A in their diets. The skin lesions disappeared shortly after large doses of riboflavin was administered to treat the deficit. Although not as critical as Vitamin B-2, Vitamin E, Vitamin B-3, Vitamin B-6 and the mineral Zinc are also important for maintaining healthy skin.

For Acne: How much Vitamin B-2 Per Vitamin A?

Dr. Robert Preston, author of the book “Acne- How to Prevent and Overcome Acne Forever” recommends 100:1 proportion of Vitamin A to Vitamin B. For the average case of acne, Dr. Preston recommends 50,000 IU of Vitamin A and 500 mg everyday of Vitamin B2 Riboflavin. People with extreme cases of acne can take double the dosage.

To make vitamin supplementation even more effective and to clear skin of acne very quickly, go on a sugar-free and flour free diet.