Cut The Sugar Stop The Acne Anti-candida Diet

People who are suffering with mild or sever acne skin problems are suggested to try anti-candida diet. Taking this diet doesn’t mean that it will cure acne skin problems, but it supports cleaning acne skin problems. Its always good to take measures that could stack end results in your favor.

Researchers have recently found that many people with severe acne conditions could benefit from an anti Candida diet. Candida is and overgrowth of naturally occurring yeast. Normally it is symbiotic with other organisms including the bacteria in your body. For example, Candida albicans is fungal yeast that has the ability to overgrow.

Certain foods can either lead to fungal growth or help exacerbate it, or both. Good foods, on the other hand, can help cure fungal overgrowth. Candida loves to grow in the sweet environments; hence if you avoid taking sweet foods, you can avoid growth of Candida. If you are serious about Candida, then youre going to have to cut all sugars. Dieticians advise against white sugar and white flour.

Below are list of few sweet foods which should be avoided by people who have acne skin problems:
White sugar
any natural sweeteners
White rice
Commercial fruit juice from a pack
White flour and white-flour products
Sweet fruits
Beans and legumes
Soy based foods
Nuts especially cashews and peanuts

It is good to consume foods that like salads made up of organic green leafy vegetables, sprouts, and carrots and Sourdough or sprouted grain bread. Certain supplements like Goji berries, Chlorella, Zinc Monomethione, and naturally occurring supplements like Mint, Garlic, Cayenne Pepper, Turmeric and Ginger could be added to food in order to avoid Candida overgrowth.