How To Treat Eczema In An Effective Way

Eczema is a long term skin inflammatory disease which is also called as a genetic defect ailment that affects skin very badly and makes it non-functional. The exact cause of this disease has not been found yet, as it occurs at any age group of people, but it is mostly found in infants and teenagers. It needs to be cured at early stage under guidance of experienced dermatologists for effective and successful result. The chronic disease is treated with various oral and topical drugs. The inflammatory Eczema is hereditary and treated with oral and topical medicines like immune-suppressing drugs, corticosteroids and antihistamines.

Types :

Different types of skin itching problem occur in body like Contact eczema, Seborrheic, Neurodermatitis, Stasis dermatitis. The most common type of skin itching problem is an atopic dermatitis.
Cause :

To diagnose Eczema, doctors rely on physical examination and ask for the family history, as it is a genetic defect. In some cases, biopsy is used to check whether it is skin reaction or other skin irritation problem or severe Eczema.
Symptoms :

Eczema has different appearances on skin like it can be red, dry and creates itching problem. It is non-contagious and mostly occurs on face, ear, neck and insides of the ankles and knees. Doctors rely on physical examination of patients to diagnose the severe problem, as sometimes skin might have normal skin reaction or itching problem. Doctors may ask family history of a patient to know the genetic factor. After doing diagnosis t, they analyze patients condition very minutely and advise drugs like cream, lotions or oral medicine according to mild, high or low Eczema. Doctors may also ask to change the life style of patients, as in many cases, awful life style also causes this problem.
Treatment :

The main goal is to prevent itching, redness and inflammation problems of skin. Patients are advised to change their lifestyle by adopting healthy and nutritious food habit. Dermatologists advise patients to keep skin hydrated by applying creams and ointment (that contains less water and high oil) and avoiding over-bathing. It is also recommended to use petroleum based cream to provide moisture to the skin like emollient cream. These are some important steps in treating a patient suffering from Eczema.

They are also advised ointment and oral medicine prescribed by doctors for better result. To reduce inflammatory reaction Corticosteroid creams are prescribed by dermatologists. For severe problem of skin itching, oral medicines are prescribed like antihistamines, diphenhydramine, hydroxyzine. In sensitive cases of this skin disorder, a course of oral medicine called corticosteroids like prednisoneis is prescribed to control an acute Eczema.
Summary :-

Some drugs which belong to immune-suppressing class known as calcineurin inhibitors are indicated only for infants. In other cases, oral corticosteroids are given to patients if skin itching problem is severe. Two immunosuppressant drugs cyclosporine (Sandimmune, Neoral,) and methotrexate are also used to treat acute Eczema. Patients who are suffering from this skin disorder must conduct doctors in hospital. They should prefer to take treatment under guidance of skin specialists and experienced dermatologists.