Heart Disease Challenges And Prevention

There are many factors to take into consideration with heart disease. One of the most common types is coronary artery disease. It is also referred to as arteriosclerosis. There are ways to recognize and prevent this frequent killer. Here are some things to take into consideration.

You May Be Unaware
As you go through life, this disease may slowly take effect. Blood flows through a normal body unrestricted. When that flow is interrupted or impeded, many problems can develop. Cholesterol is the building blocks of the arteries. However, too much and it gets deposited within the passageways. Over a long period of time it increases. Finally there is little room for the blood to flow through a particular area. Plaque can rupture and cause a blockage within the system. Or it may just continue to build up until symptoms develop. Eventually the heart will not get enough blood. This will make it malfunction and eventually die. All the while you may have no clue what is going on.

What Brings This On?
Little exercise and an unhealthy diet can be a contributor.
Heart problems can be passed on from one generation to the next. The susceptibility to develop it may also come from your parents. This factor can put you at higher risk. If you have relatives with heart problems you will need to take extra precautions.

Smoking has been linked to arteriosclerosis. The act of smoking has an effect on plaque build-up within the blood vessels.

Blood sugar problems can also be an indicator. Diabetes increases the risks with such conditions.
As you age, your risk factor for this disease will go up. However, younger people can still be at risk.

Do I Have This Condition?
Symptoms of arteriosclerosis can be non-existent. Elevated blood pressure might be an indicator. A person may feel chest pain and nausea. Any type of heart attack symptom can mean the presence of this disease. Urgent medical care may be need, in those cases.

What To Do About It
The best agreed upon treatment is prevention. A lifestyle that contains exercise, fruits and vegetables is recommended. Limiting salt and fatty foods is also a good thing. Management for conditions like hypertension and high cholesterol are very important. They are also known as silent killers. If you have had a heart attack it will be very important to listen to your doctor. You may need to take medications and revamp your lifestyle.

Take the initiative and take control of your health. Learn everything you can about your condition. Internet and libraries are a good source of knowledge.

Heart disease is a silent killer because there may be no symptoms. It takes many years to develop. It is very important to get regular checkups. There are things that you can do to prevent this problem. Education is a great tool for effective treatment.