How To Stop Mental Chatter

Have you tried to Stop Mental Chatter using various techniques and failed miserably in the past?

If your answer is yes, then this article will provide you with valuable information on how to stop mental chatter easily and effortlessly.

We human beings are the only species on earth that are capable of thinking. But when thinking is coupled with past memories and emotional attachments it becomes what is known as mental chatter or mind chatter. This is not healthy for our mind and body.

Thinking is useful and creative when used in the present moment to handle a situation or problem at hand. But it is harmful when used to think about past memories and re enact the negative emotions of the past.

Mental Chatter is mostly about the past and not the present. The conscious mind fears quietness or silence and will always try to keep on chattering about the past. This mostly happens without even your awareness.

When this mind chatter is stopped altogether, you are totally in the present moment and you access your intuition and inner guidance easily and effortlessly. This is the ultimate goal of anybody who wants to stop the mental chatter.

But how do we stop mental chatter?

It is easy said than done. Because the mind fears a vacuum and will always try to find some thing to chatter about.

Meditation is the most effective technique to stop mind chatter. Sit quietly and start concentrating on your breath, if your mind wanders, bring it back to your breath. This should be done for at least 2 hours daily in order to be effective. Any one who has tried to meditate knows how difficult it is. In the current busy world it is near to impossible to sit in one place for 2-3 hours without being disturbed.

But do you know that you could use Latest Patent Pending Technology instead of meditation to calm and relax your mind and body. In fact this is much easier and need only 30 minutes a day of your busy time. And it is much more powerful than meditating for 2-3 hours a day. It has untold mind and body health benefits too, than meditation.

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