Dental Health Affects Overall Health

Whether we acknowledge it or not, dental health is a very important element of our overall health. Many people take their dental health for granted. They think if they brush their teeth in the morning and at night and floss occasionally they will be okay. They think their bad teeth are not related to their bloated stomachs, stomach ailments and constipation. If they only knew how wrong they are about the relationship between their dental health and their overall well being they would rush to the nearest dentist immediately.

Good dental hygiene requires more than just brushing in the morning and at night. Brushing cleans only about sixty percent of the surface of your teeth. While flossing can help to get the plaque and other foreign matter off the surface of the teeth, you need to visit your dentist regularly so she can check on the overall health of your teeth and gums.

Bad teeth can lead to health problems. Improperly chewed food can lead to problems in your stomach. The digestion of food actually begins in the mouth. If the food is not properly crushed in the mouth it can lead to bloating in the stomach and constipation. Many times constipation can lead to an array of serious health problems. All of that can be avoided if you take care of your teeth.

St Petersburg dentists know all about this. They can explain how misaligned, rotted or broken teeth can lead to other problems. The average St Petersburg dentist will tell you that many of your ailments actually begin with the neglect of your dental health.

Make an appointment to see one of the excellent St Petersburg dentists near you. Make a long term plan for taking care of your teeth. Neglecting your teeth now can lead to very serious problems later!