SEO is Like

If you wish to make complicated concepts easy for you then the best trick is to start with analogies. You should compare that complicated subject matter with other similar subjects that you may have experienced or have fair understanding about. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is known to be a complicated concept even for internet marketers but the most problematic for newbie. If you search for the term “SEO is like” then you can find some interesting articles that will demonstrate some strange thoughts. Here, in this article; all such thoughts have been summarized for you.

Do you know that according to some, SEO is like Poker but how? Well, according to some great authors; SEO has some similar qualities just like poker. Well just start with a simple comparison; poker is a game of cards where you need some winning skills and luck factor to compete against your competitors. Same applies in case of SEO as you need to know certain techniques but besides your skill; luck factor has a great influence on your winning chances.

If you are unable to understand the luck factor in case of SEO, then just realize the introduction of new updates by a Search Engine that may bring you some pleasant results or these may ruin all of your efforts. So, it means that the foundations for both SEO and Poker are same. If you wish to compare the history of poker and SEO then you will even find some common characteristics. History demonstrates that poker was not a respectable game in past. People were not actually aware of poker and it was considered as the illegitimate game.

Same factors apply for SEO as it was considered as a low grade practice. A few people really know the reality about SEO but others only treat it as the profession of manipulators and hackers. But if you start comparing the modern age of SEO and Poker then you will surely conclude that SEO is like poker. The modern age poker represents status, respectable business and legitimate money.

Even modern age SEO is seen as a respectable profession and people highly regard SEO professionals. These professionals are making good money out of this industry by understanding the changing environment. The modern age SEO is the game of complexity as like poker. A professional search engine optimizer needs to be jack of all trades and master of few.

Have you ever observed or played poker in real betting environment? A poker player always looks for a right hand to takeover his/her competitor. Sometimes, he/she will wipe off his/her table and enjoy the win straightforwardly. But in some cases, he/she may slow down to earn high profit.

Same tactics are used by a search engine optimizer as he/she always look for a blend of perfect factors to wipe off competing websites. These factors can range from keywords to content to links. Sometimes, an optimizer will have to compete in an easy environment but in some cases he/she may need to struggle hard. In short, you can list many such factors that are similar in both poker and SEO. You can rightly say that SEO is Like poker.