The Goal of Corner Medicine Cabinets

First off, if your main goal consists of making some extra space in your bathroom, then you’ll be pleased to know that corner medicine cabinets are the easiest way of achieving that goal. In most washrooms, there is room above the sink, specifically dedicated to hosting a medicine cabinet; such a placement frees up the middle of the washroom and allows you to get some of that much needed storage space without hindering your walking space.

Regardless of the fact that such cabinets are limited by the size of the sink, there are still many different designs made available out there, some of which even happen to be very eye-catching. Depending on the type of bathroom you have, you can get either short, tall, large, or narrow cabinets. And for your own sake, regardless of which material you decide to go with, always refrain from using softwood, as it’s not very resistant to the bathroom’s harsh conditions (moisture, humidity, temperature changes) and will fall into pieces pretty soon.

Once you’ve made the material and design decisions, you should take down the measurements of your bathroom. After you’ve calculated the exact volume of space which you can allocate to your cabinet, you should go down to the store and have a close look at what you plan on purchasing; it doesn’t matter if everything fits on paper, as you’ll never know whether you like a piece of furniture or not until you see it up close and get a feel for it.

All in all, If your aim is to make your restroom more spacious and organized at a good price, then the best option would clearly be a corner medicine cabinet, since it does exactly that, and can even be refinished to add some much-needed character to the often bland bathroom.

Melissa Roy is president of Comdesi Media. Read Bath hardware products reviews at Bronze Bath Hardware and Modular homes knobs.