Dog Wheelchair Reviews

When deciding on what kind of dog wheelchair, dachshund wheelchair, small dog wheelchair, canine wheelchair or wheelchair for small dogs, would best work for your dog you need to consider the following points:
1) Weight of the wheelchair?
2) How strong are your dog’s good legs for propelling itself around?
3) Can you clean the wheelchair easily; are the straps removable and washable?
4) How strong is it constructed for your dog’s weight?
5) Are there any lower bars, straps, and etc. that can get in the way of bathroom chores?
6) Time constraints. How long will it take to get the chair?
7) How easy will it be to get your dog in and out of the wheelchair?
8) How strong are the wheels and do they have ball bearings for easy of pulling?
9) Appearance?
10) Will it be comfortable for your dog?
In considering the above points we compared the top 7 Internet dog wheelchair manufacturers. Most of the aluminum units were very similar in construction and seem to be well build and attractive chairs. What we noticed mostly was the complex nature of the units and difficulty in assembly and or placing your dog in the chair. The biggest down fall of these units are their price. The approximate price of the lowest cost unit with shipping is $210.00, the next two were around $280.00 and the two most expensive were closer to $400.00. Some of these prices are too expensive for the average person to afford.
There were two PVC dog wheelchairs, one of which had two lower bars that would definitely get messy when your dog would go to the bathroom. Plus it was quite clumsy and the price was around $240.00. Some units have bars that support the dogs weight that go right over the belly area that we believe would definitely be uncomfortable instead of straps which we believe would be very uncomfortable. All in all I believe for the price the PVC units are easier to use less price and very light weight. The other PVC unit by wheelchairs for small dogs met all of the above criteria, with a price very reasonable price.

I believe the most important factor is your dogs comfort. Secondary is the dog’s ability to use the wheelchair. Be careful on picking your wheelchair. When chosen correctly for your dog a wheelchair can give him or her the mobility and quality of life they deserve.
A final point when researching on the Internet for a dog wheelchair be sure to check different search phrases. Dog wheelchairs are called many different things. There is not any one definitive phrase to describe a dog wheelchair. Many terms are used such as Dachshund wheelchair, wheelchair for small dogs, dog wheelchair, dog wheelchairs, canine wheelchair, wheelchairs for dogs, disabled dog cart and many more. This being such a new device there is no one phrase that the industry has settled on and customers have learned. So in searching try different names. Usually though the phrase dog wheelchair or wheelchair for small dogs will get you adequate results.