Eczema Herbal Remedies Two Ways to Get the Best Results from Nature

Like some chronic diseases, eczema does not have a medical cure. But take heart. There are natural treatments for eczema. Some of them are eczema herbal remedies that are not only widely available, but also very effective.

Internal Herbs

Some treatments for eczema must be taken internally to get rid of toxins altogether. This true for the following eczema herbal remedies.

Burdock – This herb is especially effective in purging toxins that are found between the layers of the skin. You can use its roots, stems, leaves and burs to make a tea.

Haemafine Syrup – Used as a remedy for acne and nosebleed, this syrup is very effective as a treatment for eczema. It works by purifying your blood and giving your skin a natural glow.

Powerful Herbs- One remedy you can try is the relaxing mixture of cleavers, nettle, red clover and yellowdock. Out of these ingredients, you can already make tea. But you can also combine this mixture with such relaxing herbs as chamomile, skullcap and linden flowers.

Topical Herbs

Certain treatments for eczema can be applied on your skin to relieve its itchiness and inflammation. These eczema herbal remedies also have the ability to soothe your skin and heal it altogether.

Chickweed – This mild herb works mainly by relieving irritation and itching. It also has the power to draw toxins from your skin. You can use chickweed by making either a cold or lukewarm tea out of it. Then bathe the infected area with the tea or dab it with the use of a cotton cloth for good measure.

St. John’s and Calendula – Make an ointment out of calendula flowers and St. John’s Wort leaves. This salve is particularly recommended for cracked, dry and painful skin.

From Inside Out

To make the most out of the natural treatments for eczema, it’s best to use both internal and topical herbs regularly. Remember, though, to start with purifying your biological system, working your way from the inside out. In no time, you’ll reap the benefits of these herbal remedies with a more relaxed body and healthier skin.

Steve Winton is an author, blogger and an authority on skin care. Discover how 1000s of people have completely eliminated eczema naturally Eczema Herbal Remedies