Proactive Heart Health Care With Oral Chelation

The rapid increase of mortalities due to heart disease is a direct result of our fast-paced, modern lifestyle. Protecting yourself from cardiovascular ailments requires several lifestyle adjustments such as; reducing your intake of fatty foods and tobacco, while increasing your intake of whole foods, nutritional supplements and daily exercise. Oral chelation is also worth considering as a way to improve your health.

Its easy to say: eliminate all of the activities and foods which present a health risk. The fact is we are human and a stringent routine is not the easiest to maintain. In addition there are certain aspects of our environment which are beyond our control that have a severe impact on our health. Two of the most outstanding are environmental pollutants found in the air and water as well as chemicals used in the processing of food products.

Because of this it is even more important to keep abreast of the developments that can help you maintain an optimal state of health. Prevention of heart disease is possible by using chelation therapy along with modifying your daily lifestyle choices. Oral chelation formulas provide an uncomplicated method to address the number one cause of heart disease: calcified plaque which results in hardening of the arteries. For individuals who prefer professional chelation therapy treatments, the intravenous form can be administered by your physician.

Medical doctors use intravenous chelation therapy to extract harmful toxins from the bloodstream to prevent them from blocking the arteries of the heart. The hardening of the arteries and high blood pressure are the leading cause of heart disease. Each intravenous chelation therapy session requires about three hours of time complete. However the alternative form of this therapy is oral chelation whose formulas are just as effective as intravenous treatments administered by your physician.

The gold shield elite company produces an oral chelation formula with the same strength of intravenous preparations. the “Original Oral chelation” formula differs from the intravenous form only in its convenience of use: it’s taken daily in addition to your vitamin supplements as opposed to three hour visits to your doctor’s office.

The formulation used in oral chelation therapy contains a wide range of natural ingredients that support the chelating agents such as; bee pollen, vitamin C, honey, vitamin B12. In addition to EDTA (EthyleneDiamine Tetra-acetic Acid) which is one of the most powerful synthetic amino acids there are plans sterols are in antioxidants in a supporting role to assist detoxification. It is a safe, proven way to inexpensively reduce your risk of heart disease and lower your cholesterol level.