Healthy Heart – Major Factors Behind Coronary Heart Disease

Today people are just too unaware about their everyday actions they perform that play a vital role in either helping to minimize, delay or prevent the effect of a coronary heart disease or even make it worst; getting a control over the risk factors is the key. Besides a family history of coronary heart disease, you cannot control this but you can surely control your behavior and delay the time as long as possible to when it might get you. Gender and age factor also play a vital role behind coronary heart disease.

Cholesterol level is the first major factor. Basically cholesterol resembles to a soft lipid fatlike substance that works as a fuel source in the body. Atherosclerotic plaque builds up in cases of excessive cholesterol. A heart attack results in due to blockage in the blood flow because of plaques accumulating in the arteries. Bad cholesterol or LDL cholesterol gets transported throughout the body at different sites, hormones get made plus cell membranes get repaired with the use of this LDL cholesterol. It can easily get stuck on your arteries walls. On the other hand HDL or the good cholesterol goes to the liver directly being altered and removed out of the body.

The second major factor behind coronary heart disease is the blood pressure. A less then 130 mm of mercury for the systolic blood pressure and less then 85 millimeters for the diastolic blood pressure is said to be a normal blood pressure level. As this pressure rises because of anything, mostly because of stress or diet, it would put pressure on the brain and the heart. You should regularly check your BP levels. If you are someone normal then going once every year for a thorough checkup would be good, and if you are someone having such problems then regular checkups every month should be done.

Diabetes is the third major factor. It is a chronic disease caused when there is a high insulin resistance or deficiency. Type-2 diabetes is highly responsible for coronary heart disease and it comes because of obesity commonly. This can be prevented by keeping your body in shape, join a gym, exercise regularly, and eat a balanced diet. If you really want to stay away from coronary heart disease then give up smoking if you do smoke, get active in your life and reduce or leave alcohol consumption.

These were just a few major factors behind a coronary heart disease so watch out for everything that might get you in trouble.

Oey Piu Hian