An Ayurvedic medicine Kamalahar helps cure patients during Jaundice outbreak

Shri Vinay Mitra Mandal, a non government organization from Raipur, in the Chhattisgarh state of India, has been actively involved in many social welfare activities. They regularly participate in various activities helping the poor people of the region and have been quite actively involved in Jaipur foot camp in collaboration with Balco, a private sector company. The programme helps provide light-weight artificial limb made of Aluminium to poor people who suffer from lower limb amputation. They have also been involved in other relief and social welfare programmes over the years. One such programme was in Kukurbeda and Subhash Nagar areas of Raipur, Chhattisgarh.

There was an outbreak of Jaundice in the poor areas of Raipur which included the Kukurbeda and Suhash Nagar areas of Raipur. Many people suffered from Jaundice and most of the people suffering were poor women and children. The outbreak of Jaundice was mostly in the slum and poor areas of Raipur as the hygiene in these areas are generally not very good. Many times the water supply is not up to the mark. In general the cases of water borne diseases go up in India during the monsoon season and the people who suffer the most are the poor people who cannot afford the good quality water as buying treated water is expensive and the only source of treated water at reasonable cost is the Government water supply which is not available in many of the places due to various reasons.

During the outbreak of Jaundice in Raipur, Shri Vinay Mitra Mandal took several steps to help the poor people. They worked closely with the local government officials of the city and also with the mayor of the municipal corporation of Raipur. They collaborated with the private sector business organizations and doctors to help the poor people of kukurbeda and Subash Nagar. They organized camps where poor people were given free medical checkups and also given free medicines in collaboration with the private sector donors. The camps were personally visited by the mayor of the city. The free medicine included the ayurvedic medicine Kamalahar. Kamalahar is an Ayurvedic or herbal medicine which is very useful in the treatment of liver disorders such as hepatitis, jaundice, cirrhosis, fatty liver, etc. The herbal ingredients present in Kamalahar are very good for liver detoxification which helps to make the liver strong and healthy. The medicine is widely used in the eastern part of India in the state of Jharkhand, Orissa, Bihar, etc. to treat people suffering from jaundice, hepatitis, cirrhosis, fatty liver and at the same time the medicine is also very cost effective. The NGO worked closely with Khatore Pharmaceuticals Private Limited the company that make and sells Kamalahar.

During the outbreak of Jaundice in kukurbeda and Subash Nagar areas of Raipur, apart from setting up the camps, Shri Vinay Mitra Mandal also dedicated their office in the city centre to distribute free Kamalahar and other medicines to the needy patients. The initiative by the NGO in collaboration with Khatore Pharmaceuticals Private limited benefited hundreds of patients in the worst affected areas of Raipur and helped in controlling the outbreak of jaundice quickly. The people who benefited from the initiative most included poor women and children who have been the most affected by the outbreak. The initiative was even more important as the current way to treat jaundice is to ask for rest which the poor people cannot afford as they have to work daily to earn their living.

Ayurvedic Product Kamalahar – Effective for the treatment of liver disorders, hepatitis, jaundice, cirrhosis, fatty liver.