Wang guoqiang chinese medicine work should focus on grass-roots focus down

Recently, Deputy Minister of Health and the State Medicine Wang Guoqiang to the Guangdong Provincial Authority for research, medical work and the Province of Traditional Chinese Medicine province has achieved new progress, new results gave a high evaluation. He stressed that the medical reform should give full play to the role of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine work should focus down, before problems occur, focus on grass-roots, community, and the masses. Vice Governor of Guangdong Province, accompanied by thunder in the blue.

Wang Guoqiang said that the road with Chinese characteristics, health care must give full play to the role of Chinese medicine. From the current terms, medical reform goal is to relieve people medical treatment is difficult, expensive medical problems; the long run, more important is how people do not get sick and less sick, sick night to reduce serious illness. Implementation of the “State Council on the pharmaceutical industry to support and promote the development of a number of opinions” effectively solve well medical reform to play a role in the issue of Chinese medicine. Medical reform is not only money into the hardware of the expansion of ideas, methods, content, and ways have to focus on how to meet the needs of the masses, so that the results of reform to benefit the people. Chinese medicine theory found from the “patient-oriented” to “people-based” health care concepts to solve sub-health people, healthy people of different needs.

Wang Guoqiang stressed that work should be the focus of Chinese medicine down, before problems occur, focusing on grass-roots, community, and the masses. Chinese medicine into the community meet the basic security, strong grass-roots level, building system, sustainable health care reform goals. Should conscientiously sum up experience in community medicine, promotion of appropriate technology into the Chinese community, into the family, schools and into the body, so that ordinary people can grasp in the pharmaceutical and healthcare technology.

Chinese medicine to solve resource leveling problems. Chinese medicine resources are concentrated in cities, it is difficult to solve people’s health problems, must be into communities, into the countryside. Medical reform in promoting grass-roots level in order to resolve the treatment of Chinese medicine personnel, to eliminate the worry, so threw himself into the work of Chinese medicine. At the same time, through training, sciences and to the people to grasp common disease prevention and health care knowledge.

Development model to explore Chinese medicine hospital. Chinese medicine hospital must be named “in”, but not alone three fingers, a pillow, a written, but also extend the use of modern science and technology look smell it. To strengthen disease specialist expertise and dominant disease development, to the core values, norms, architecture, service model and so reflect the culture of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine to strengthen and expand local advantages. Improve the quality of workers from the height of the future to explore the play in the field of Chinese medicine in maternal and child health characteristics of the road edge. To improve the management system and operational mechanism of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine work done on the necessary compensation for Chinese medicine hospitals not to worry about survival, to concentrate on research and better treatment methods in Chinese medicine, Chinese medical institutions to flourish.

In Guangzhou, Wang Guoqiang Li, Liwan District, visited the Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Hong Kong and the Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Fangcun Branch. Fangcun Branch of Guangdong Provincial Hospital of the “Clinical application of Chinese classical base” is the first use of Chinese medicine system, the leading traditional Chinese medicine in treatment of acute and critical characteristics of departments, Wang Guoqiang, after listening to the reports, but also to the wards to see patients, and praised the hospital symptomatic treatment of combined therapy using Chinese medicine, “not only improve the efficacy and duration, and reduce costs.”

In Shenzhen, Wang Guoqiang inspected the Chinese medicine hospital in Shenzhen City, Bao’an District Chinese Medicine Hospital, Shun Tong Botefeinuo visits at the Medical Clinic.

Since then, Wang Guoqiang has to Foshan, Nanhai District, were investigated Shatou Town Hospital, West Bridge station and community health services, Chinese medicine hospital, Shunde District. In the South China Sea area, Wang Guoqiang and Nanhai District government, Foshan City Health Bureau, Health Bureau and the South China Sea, Nanhai District, Chinese medicine, maternal and child health for people in a meeting.

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