Home Remedies For Baby Eczema

If your baby has eczema, you know how uncomfortable and itchy dry skin can be, not to mention the pain. Since eczema is often associated with sensitive skin, treatment may be a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, there are a number of home remedies for baby, you can try eczema.


Keep baby’s skin well hydrated should always be the first step in any treatment of eczema. Use a natural aloe vera lotion several times a day, especially after bathing Baby. Repeat as often as necessary to keep baby’s skin from drying out. Avoid harsh cleaning and make sure baby takes a lot to drink to moisturize from the inside too. And breastfed babies more gentle and less experienced episodes of eczema.

Oatmeal Bath

When your baby’s skin is very itchy, an oatmeal bath can be very sweet and help the skin to heal. Put two cups of oats in a robot (or use a coffee grinder) and grind them into powder. Add the oatmeal powder to a bath running hot (not hot) water and mix well. Soak oats in the bath for 15 minutes, rinse with clean water and dab the skin dry with a soft towel. When baby’s eczema rash is bad, he is sure to appease the oatmeal with a bath twice a day.

Wash skin natural

As mentioned above, you want to avoid any harsh skin care for baby. The following is the natural wash skin smooth and helps the itching. Mix 1 c. Tea comfrey root, 1 tsp tea of white oak bark, 1 tsp tea bark of slippery elm and two cups of water in a bowl. Mix well and pour into a saucepan. Heat over medium heat until it reaches a boil, then simmer for thirty minutes. Cool, then strain the use of solid and liquid as any face.

Although this mix May not quite clear baby’s eczema, it is natural, gentle and effective cleanser that will help reduce itching and inflammation.

Healing Lotions

When eczema really flares up, you want your baby’s skin healed back as soon as possible. Healing lotions can help shorten the healing and moisturize your skin and protect against future outbreaks at the same time.

Lotions to look for ate those made with blueberry leaves. Blueberry leaves are very good at relieving the inflammation of eczema and improve the irritation that accompanies itching.

Zinc is another ingredient. Apply zinc lotion directly on the affected area. Zinc may also be considered as a supplement tablets. Taking regularly, it can be an effective treatment of eczema.

To help heal the skin, use a cream containing vitamin E, vitamin E or apply the oil directly on the affected area. It will quickly reduce itching and improve healing. Continue applying the vitamin E oil until the skin is healed.

Reduce irritants

Some babies experience eczema because they are allergic to detergents, which are found in almost all personal care, cleaning and laundry. May you want to investigate the use of pure soap for all cleaning and laundry and swimming for a while to see if your child’s eczema improves.

Eczema can also occur due to food allergies. If you have a family history of allergy to food or environment, your baby in May also be sensitive to something in his diet or environment. Check with your baby’s health care provider and consider a system of removal or other measures to hunt down allergens.

Typically, babies outgrow eczema, or at the very least it will improve as it is.

This article is provided for informational purposes only. Please consult your baby’s health care provider before trying home remedies.