Health And Spiritual Wellness Equals Wholeness

Health and spiritual wellness is essential for us to achieve and enjoy wholeness in our lives. We are comprised of 3 parts; spirit, mind, and body. A healthy balance of all three is necessary for the successful completion of a journey to personal health and spiritual wellness.

Overall wellness equals wholeness. Generally when we speak of wellness we’re referring to a healthy balance of spirit, mind, and body. As a result of achieving this healthy balance, we are rewarded with a feeling of overall “well-being,” or wellness, which equals wholeness.

Spiritual Wellness: When trying to define the term “spiritual,” you will discover that it means different things to different people. Most, however, would probably agree that spiritual wellness is about searching for purpose and meaning in ones life. A journey embarked upon to discover their purpose for being here and to find out who they really are. Not that which is flesh and bone, but that which resides on the inside which is the true self. Many processes may be explored in the search for this true self such as prayer, affirmations, meditation, retreats, or spiritual practices that are in line with one’s beliefs. Once achieved, there’s a feeling of alignment with that which is greater than ourselves. We feel connected and a part of God, Source, Universe, whatever you prefer to call it. We are secure in our own skin and can love the way that which is greater than ourselves love. We are peaceful. We forgive readily. We show more appreciation and are more grateful. We marvel at the realization that we are a part of everything that is and that everything that is–is a part of us!

Mind: Things such as mental disorders, depression, anxiety, and stress can have a negative impact on the mind. Emotional wellness requires the ability to effectively manage thoughts, feelings, and stress related issues, while maintaining a positive outlook and strong self-esteem and self-worth in the process. To successfully achieve wellness emotionally, an individual must be aware of their feelings and thoughts, with the capacity to manage those thoughts and effectively channel them in a manner that will positively cope with life’s challenges. Emotional well-being is a crucial part in the balance of overall wellness.

Body: One of the greatest gifts ever given to mankind was our health. Over time, however, we’ve abused and neglected this precious gift. In order for our bodies to remain healthy and continue to function as they were intended to, we have to give our body what it needs. This doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply, think about what you’re putting in your body, allow your body to regenerate by getting plenty of sleep, and find fun ways to move your body and be active. The body is an essential element in the rounding out of overall wellness of spirit, mind, and body. Without a healthy body, what good is a healthy spirit and a healthy mind?

A journey of self discovery; and a quest for meaning in one’s life can be a daunting task, albeit, extremely rewarding. In order to enjoy a life of freedom, peace, and total fulfillment, one must successfully locate within themselves the keys which unlocks wholeness through health and spiritual wellness.