Brad Pitt Workout

Brad Pitt is still one of the hottest stars in Hollywood today. Even if he’s had 6 children with his partner, Angelina Jolie, he’s still in the prime of his age and his career, and there’s no denying that. He’s also in the prime of his career, starring in movies like Troy, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Meet Joe Black, and many more.

So, what is Brad Pitt’s secret? Is it his face, or his talent? Perhaps, what you need is to take a look under his shirt. He’s a very bankable actor because he has the body of a Greek god. He is the epitome of what a modern man should look like. This is all thanks to the BRAD PITT WORKOUT, a workout routine especially designed for him. This is the workout routine that he uses during the times when he is making or preparing for film roles.

So, are you jealous about his physique and want to find out how you can get a body similar to Brad Pitt’s? Well, you should know that you can also do the BRAD PITT WORKOUT yourself. Here’s a peek at the BRAD PITT WORKOUT and some ideas on how you can do the BRAD PITT WORKOUT.

BRAD PITT WORKOUT Exercise Workout Plans

Here are some of the BRAD PITT WORKOUT routines that Brad Pitt did for movies such as Fight Club and Troy. These BRAD PITT WORKOUT exercise plans have been designed to match, if not exceed, what Brad Pitt’s body can take.

Brad Pitt Ab Workout in the BRAD PITT WORKOUT

Surprisingly, not much of the BRAD PITT WORKOUT is focused on the abdominal area. Basically, the BRAD PITT WORKOUT for the abs are sit-ups until the body gives up. But even if the BRAD PITT WORKOUT doesn’t have a lot of focus on the abdominal area, there are a lot of BRAD PITT WORKOUT routines that targets the chest, the biceps and the triceps.


The BRAD PITT WORKOUT for the lower body is just as demanding. There are a lot of calf raises, about 8-12 reps each, or until failure. There are also leg squats, that can take up anywhere from the same 8-12 reps, until failure.

BRAD PITT WORKOUT Brad Pitt Workout and Diet

Brad Pitt’s diet for this workout routine is just as intense as the workout itself. He doesn’t consume as much calories, and he only eats vegetables and lean meat. Now, if you are going to apply this workout and this diet plan, make sure that you allot a significant amount of time on just working out.

The workout routine for Brad Pitt starts at Monday and ends on a Saturday, each day being dedicated to one part of his body. It is an extremely intense workout plan that can work for just about anyone and not just like any other major Hollywood celebrity. So start working on applying the Brad Pitt workout routine and get the body of a Greek god.