Fake & Unqualified Doctors Practicing Medicine

Need for Medical Verification

It is a much stated truism that nothing is sacred. However, it still comes as a shock to learn just how low people will stoop to make a buck or even plenty of bucks.

This piece is motivated by several recent news reports of people practicing medicine when they have absolutely no qualifications or training. These unqualified, untrained and unscrupulous persons are literally playing with peoples lives.

One sort of assumed that these criminal quacks were restricted to plying their unlicensed and illegal trade in the shady backstreets of our towns and cities. No more it seems. For these dangerous practitioners of medicine in their long white coats are striding the bright and shiny corridors of private hospitals.

A year old, and ongoing background screening and qualification, check launched by the Delhi Medical Council (DMC) has found quacks with fake degrees and false licences operating in many well-known hospitals in the city. They are handing out medical advice and prescriptions with all the aplomb of the real doctors.

These unqualified doctors are not stray and small in number. The Medical Council of India estimates, that in just the Delhi region alone, there are about 40,000 fake doctors. Now compare that number with 45,000 (DMC database), which is the number of genuine registered doctors. It is enough to make one sick at the thought of such a huge number of quacks operating with impunity and without conscience.

It is not a happy situation and one that looks like it will be with us for quite a while. Fortunately The Indian Medical Council and The Delhi Medical Council are aware of the problem and its numerous areas of impact. They are also doing everything possible to rectify the situation.

A Bitter Pill To Swallow The whole quack doctors and forged medical degrees state of affairs has a very real and unpleasant spill-over effect. Many of these doctors have been practicing for years and could very well be your trusted, friendly neighbourhood general physician. It leads one to be really, really nervous about our next doctors visit for a check-up.

After all, how do you and I tell the difference between a real and a fake medical certificate hanging in the consultation room? Who do we talk to if we want to confirm, if the doctor who is treating us, is really a doctor? Do we call up the Indian Medical Association? Should we be suspicious about a person, who has been medicating our illnesses and attending our pains and aches for ever so many years? Would it be a good thing to carry out background screening of our doctors? Can we ever be sure that the doctor treating us is not a fake one and is in fact a quack?

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