Natural Treatment Of Heart Disease With Bill Allen

Look at some of the dangers you face today, hidden dangers within your body, dangers that could be fatal to you.

High blood pressure this makes the heart work faster. It also increases the chances of developing kidney disease, heart disease and strokes.

High cholesterol levels When there is an excess of fat, metals and oils in your diet, your arteries can begin to clog up. This is called arterial plaque. This begins to line your arteries and narrow them. Arterial plaque reduces the amount of blood flow to the heart, and sometimes causes arteries to get blocked. When this happens, you could get a heart attack.

Conventional medicines

Every year millions of people are given dangerous drugs to control their high cholesterol and high blood pressure levels. These drugs have a number of side effects like weakened muscles, dizziness, memory loss, cognitive impairment, cancer, pancreatic rot, depression and many more.

To remove plaque that has clogged or blocked your arteries, bypass surgery is often recommended this is even riskier. The clogged portion of your artery is removed and replaced with another vessel from your body. In order to do this, your heart must be stopped while you are hooked up to an artificial heart-lung machine that keeps you alive.

The new, alternative program with chelation therapy

Its called chelation therapy. What chelation therapy will do for your body will simply amaze you. Doctors in New Zealand, England and some European countries recommend it. It is approved by the Health Protection Branch, Health and Welfare Canada.

At The Cottage Clinic we know how to look after your heart and health without any danger to you. We are experts in lowering high cholesterol, lowering high blood pressure and plaque removal. We use chelation therapy – a custom-made recovery program that is designed to remove arterial plaque in a natural and non-invasive way. We use a special blend of vitamins and minerals which have been developed at the Canadian Institute of Metabolic Therapy. This powerful natural combination cleans up the insides of your blood vessels, removes blockages by getting rid of arterial plaque and heavy metals.

Soon your high cholesterol and high blood pressure will be controlled, and the risk of heart disease is dramatically decreased.

The chelation therapy program at The Cottage Clinic not only lowers cholesterol; it does much more than that. It is also a health enhancement and recovery program.

Soon you will find that you not only look better, you feel better too.

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