Key Mental Strength Secrets for Success

You hear it every day, not matter what the current economic situation, -they- say -If only ___- you fill in the blank. I hope you are not one of those people, I don’t think so otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article. Think about this-why is that the people who always complain about the economy, their job, or even the weather are never -successful?- Now I know success means different things to different people, but it’s the individual that claims they are not successful, so they must know their definition of success.

So how does a person become successful under any circumstance? I’ll tell that success leaves clues and all you have to do is follow them. In my reaching top achievers the number one key ingredient is in the way they think-.they have developed mental strength for success.

Here are the top three mental strength secrets that these top achievers use to achieve success:

1.) Top Achievers Operate from an Unbiased Perceptive of Their Reality: Top achievers take a realistic view of their skills, efforts and involvement compared to their desired outcome. If they don’t match up the NEVER change the desired outcome, they change their time, improve their skills or get more involved. They ask themselves this powerful question, -Are my habits, actions, and behaviors congruent with the size and scope of my vision?- Go ahead-ask yourself the same question and sit with it for awhile, then journal your answer. You’ll probably be shocked at the answer

2.) Exceptional Success Begins with Exceptional Thinking: If you went to work today because you wanted to, you are in control of money. If you went to work this morning because you had to, money is in control of you. Even in the wealthiest nation in the world, 99% of the population is being controlled by money. The effect is lack of money. The cause is thinking. Einstein once said: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” And this is what top achievers know and do-change their thinking, and then the results change.

Knowing this, top achievers raise their level of consciousness by studying how other top achievers create wealth. Top achievers trades ideas that solve problems, not time, for money. Frustrated over those that are top achievers the -also ran’s- often scorn the top achievers for their own lack of money, yet the answer to earning more has been in their heads their whole lives. Ideas — it’s such a simple concept that the majority misses it.

The question is then, -What would you need to change in your thinking to create more money?- Again, take time with this and then journal your answer.

3.) Top Achiever Have an Enormous Capacity for Unrelenting Concentration: Top achievers are famous for fixating their energy and efforts on what they want to the exclusion of anything or anyone that threatens their focus. While average people haphazardly pursue loosely defined goals, top achievers concentrate on the achievement of a singular purpose with an intensity that borders on obsession.

Top achievers invest an excessive amount of time and energy in selecting their major goals and then double checking to make sure the goals is exactly what they want. While the masses consider making changes every New Year’s Eve, the goal setting and planning process is an everyday habit of top achievers. When the goals are set, top achievers put mental blinders on and move forward with dogged persistence and ferocious tenacity.

The question here is, -Does your results show you are more interested in instant pleasure or delayed gratification? Tough one to answer, and if you’re committed to creating more in you life you’ll take a log hard look at this question and answer it truthfully

So, there ya go-in your face questions about how committed you are to your success using the 3 key mentlal strength secrets of top achievers. I hope this got you mad and aggravated, so much so that you will reflect on the above questions; your answers and then take action. You truly deserve to have the life of your dreams!

Gregg Swanson is a mental strength coach and owner of Warrior Mind Coach and Training. To receive a complimentary copy of his e-course -Powerful Secrets to Creating the Mental Strength of a Warrior- please visit:

Mind Training And Peak Performance – Mental Techniques For Peak Sports Performance

Many coaches spend all time focusing on physical training for their athletes, and physical training is important. However, for optimal sports performance, athletes need to train their mind, as well as their body. After all, the body is controlled by the mind. The brain regulates heart rate, breathing and the rest of the body’s functions. This means that mind training can make the difference between success and failure for athletes.

Yes, physical skill and talent definitely play a huge role in an athlete’s overall performance. However, many coaches underestimate the value of mind training and how it can be used to push an athlete towards their peak performance. As a coach, you must understand the power of the mind. Once you do understand how powerful the mind can be, you can start passing on that information to your athletes.

Once you realize the important of mind training, as well as how it can affect your athlete’s sports performance, you need to begin learning techniques that can be used to train the mind and improve mental toughness. The best way to learn these training techniques is to get your coaching certification. Taking the Mental Strength Coaching course allows you to become certified in these techniques. Just a few of the techniques you will learn include using imagery and visualization to help athletes reach peak performance, how to use routines to keep performance consistent and how to extend concentration duration.

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Getting your coaching certification and learning techniques for better sports performance will help you become a better coach. As you become a better coach, you’ll be able to pass on the information you’ve learned to your athletes, making them better athletes. When you begin integrating mind training into your coaching sessions, along with physical training, you’ll begin seeing a difference in your athletes. You’ll notice they have more confidence, you’ll find that their mental toughness improves their physical toughness and you’ll see them finally reach their peak performance.

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