Advantages Of Cpr And Aed Training

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) training are designed to give you the confidence and skills while saving a life in an emergency situation. To assist a victim experiencing an emergency medical situation one need to be trained in first aid. CPR is the first major part of treatment that is required in sudden cardiac attack followed by AED. There are many advantages of First Aid training as follows:

1 CPR and AED training creates those skills in you that help you to help to solve problems of the victim in crucial times.

2 The CPR training is provided by professional and experts are quite intensive and practical thus increases the rate of survival of the victim.

3 A person experiencing training for first aid learns how a chest compression and artificial respiration can be applied to a victim suffering a cardiac heart attack.

4 A person does not need to possess any medical education for receiving the CPR and AED training so that each person can be can save many lives.

5 The hectic pace and stress in modern times made the young generation prone to heart diseases therefore the attack has happen to anybody anywhere. A companion trained to perform CPR can save that person life.

6 The aged population often fall prey to cardiac disorders therefore at least one member in each family must be trained for an emergency medical situation to perform CPR and AED.

7 There can be host of undetected cardiac problems existing in children that can cause any heart problems, CPR treatments provided to the child suffering from sudden cardiac attack can save his or her life.

8 Sudden cardiac attacks can occur to anyone at home, school, college, hospital, offices so therefore it is important to train oneself the working of an AED.

9 First Aid training provides an understanding of basic emergency procedures.

10 A person who experiences a sudden cardiac arrest immediately loses consciousness and stops breathing normally and unless CPR and AED treatment is not provided to him he may die.