How Can I Get Rid Of Acne Before A Big Date

Why is it that right before a big date, interview or event, we always seem to get one giant zit right in the middle of our face? Is it terrible timing or something else? Regardless of the reason, one question on everyone”s mind is “How can I get rid of a big zit FAST?”

The absolute best plan of action you could take is to make an appointment at the spa for a high frequency treatment, commonly referred to as the zit zapper! During a high frequency treatment, a glass electrode is applied directly to a pimple. The machine emits a mild electric current that is germicidal. The treatment only lasts a few minutes, but acne-causing bacteria are killed, inflammation is reduced, and even monster zits heal very quickly after treatment.

If you can”t get an appointment with an area spa for a high frequency treatment, there are some at home remedies you can try that will help speed up the healing process. First and foremost—NEVER ATTEMPT TO POP YOUR ZIT. I know you think this will help it go away faster, but what will most likely happen is that you will spread the bacteria contained within the blemish, which will lead to additional pimples, as well as create an acne scar on your face. Additionally, because you are not properly trained in removing bacteria from within a blemish, it is likely that much of the bacteria will remain inside your pore and another pimple will become trapped under the scab you created.

Here are a few things you can do to help reduce the size of a zit:

1- Apply a topical medication like benzoyl peroxide. You can find this in almost every over-the-counter acne medication like Clearisil for example.
2- Take a q-tip soaked with rubbing alcohol and press on the affected area to kill any bacteria. You can also use camphor which I recommend to many of my clients.
3″”Thoroughly wash the area with a medicated acne cleanser containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide to help keep the area around the pimple clean,
4″”Keep your fingers away and be patient!

If you are able to apply some rubbing alcohol or benzoyl peroxide medication, your zit should dramatically decrease in size within 2-3 days. You must be patient or you will risk aggravating the problem even more.

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