Healing Negative Thoughts and Feelings with Gemstone Medicine

When you have an illness, whether it’s a common cold or a life-threatening disease, it is not uncommon to feel anxiety, sadness, depression, and even anger about your condition. You may worry about the work you can’t do, be fearful of upcoming medical procedures or prognoses, or feel disappointed when you miss activities with family and friends. These negative thoughts and feelings add to the severity of the physical problem and prolong recovery. The more you worry, fret, and imagine the worst, the harder it will be to heal.

Prolonged negative thoughts and feelings you may have about an illness or injury will collect in your aura. They are like roadblocks, and inhibit natural inflows of the healing life force from reaching your body. They can also prevent your body from letting go the unwanted energies associated with illness and injury. This can perpetuate a condition or make it worse. Furthermore, negative thoughts and feelings originally spawned from a condition cured long ago, can linger throughout your life. Their presence in your aura can make you susceptible to other types of illness or injury.

If you develop a habit of expressing certain negative thoughts and feelings, they can start to affect physical tissue. Once anchored in your body, they tend to harden and tighten tissue. Contracted tissue limits blood flow to the area, thus denying it essential nutrients and the immune system’s white blood cells. Such tissue becomes dehydrated and restricts the ability of lymph vessels from taking up and removing toxins and cellular wastes.

The physical effects of negative thoughts and emotions are prevalent in our society. For example, when the negative expressions associated with stress become anchored in the body they can knot muscles in the shoulders and back, leading to neck and back pain. They can manifest as accumulations of plaque inside the arteries, causing arteriosclerosis. They can also tighten the stomach, disrupting digestion and causing acid reflux disease.

In many cases, the physical body can overcome illness. But the negative thoughts and emotions linger only to exacerbate future conditions-unless they are treated directly.

Usually, we think of healing in terms of physical tissue. But our mindsets, attitudes, and emotions must also be healed in order to stop their negative outflow.

Modern medicine does not address the mental and emotional contributors of ill health, other than to acknowledge stress as a potent causative factor or send you to a psychiatrist. In contrast, gemstone energy medicine not only recognizes the harmful influence of negative thoughts and feelings, but helps you neutralize them, let go of them, and remove them, so they no longer pollute your aura.

Gemstone energy medicine consists of gemstone tools, namely therapeutic gemstone necklaces, gemstone medicine remedies that are taken orally, and gemstone therapy, which is applied in the aura by a gemstone therapy practitioner.

When you wear therapeutic gemstone necklaces, their energies radiate into your aura to naturally balance, clarify, and uplift emotional and mental energies. It becomes easier to recognize negative thoughts and feelings. Your mind and emotions will also draw upon the gemstones’ energies for strength to let go the habitual patterns involved in negative expressions. It will be easier to replace negative thoughts and emotions with positive ones.

Gemstone necklaces that can help you heal your mind and emotions include rhodonite, which stabilizes scattered and imbalanced emotions, and rose quartz, whose energy helps dislodge and release emotional energies that have infiltrated your body, and encourages a healthier flow of purified emotions. In addition, sodalite absorbs and neutralizes the clouds of negative thoughts that pollute your aura, bog down your mind, and make you feel burdened. It can also release negative thought-forms that have lodged in your body and that disrupt function and perpetuate disease. Necklaces that contain purple rainbow fluorite are helpful in breaking up the limiting habits and patterns that perpetuate negative outflows, plus, this gemstone helps open your awareness to these patterns so that you can take better control of yourself.

Therapeutic gemstone necklaces are ideal for working directly with your mind and emotions, and for neutralizing and clearing the residue of negative thoughts and emotions from your aura. Once they affect physical tissue in any way, causing any kind of symptoms, it’s time to take an oral gemstone medicine remedy, which releases healing gemstone energy directly to your cells.

A gemstone medicine remedy called Energy Clearing removes and dissipates the pollution left behind by negative thoughts and emotions. When you take this gemstone medicine, it starts working inside your body at the cellular level. This remedy raises the vibrations of your cells, which increases their bioelectric spin so they naturally cast off unwanted mental and emotional energies. The Energy Clearing remedy also helps your body to release and disperse unwanted energies associated with infection and disease, thereby helping you heal physically, too.

Gemstone therapists follow unique protocols and employ special techniques to apply gemstones in your aura to treat the mental and emotional pollution that may be collecting there. Gemstone therapy gives you all the benefits of wearing gemstone necklaces, but because the gemstones are applied dynamically and with focus and intention, results are attained much sooner.

Therapeutic gemstone necklaces and gemstone medicine remedies are compatible. You can wear gemstone necklaces while taking gemstone medicine. Furthermore, both can be used along with herbal or pharmaceutical medicines to round out and complete your healing regimen. Gemstone therapy utilizes both necklaces and remedies, and offers the greatest support for healing your thoughts and emotions, so they have less of an impact on your physical health. However, gemstones won’t do all the work for you. It also takes a desire to improve yourself, self-discipline to choose positive thoughts and feelings, and self-love to forgive your old ways and accept newer, healthier expressions.