Babies and Toddlers Find Natural Eczema Relief!

TCM Recipe introduces a traditional Malaysian recipe designed to completely cure eczema in children.

Eczema Sufferers Studies reveal that 20% of toddlers and babies experience eczema, a skin condition which leaves large red patches of itchy and inflamed skin. Commonly starting on children 2 to 6 months of age, the condition may go away on its own or worsen, often following the child until he grows up.

Children diagnosed with eczema often have a limited number of possible treatments. With more than 85% of products in the market containing harmful chemicals for a child, parents often seek basic natural cures for their ailing toddler. Unfortunately, improperly prepared natural cures are unable to fully address eczema symptoms for long. In more than 90% of the cases, children not only suffer through uncomfortable days but also sleepless nights as the eczema flares up.

Natural Eczema Cure A new product in the market – TCM Recipe – offers parents a natural eczema treatment for babies. Concocted using natural ingredients including Chinese Licorice, Zhu Qing, Chuan Bei Mu, Lu Li Hua, Lantern Plant Calyx and Bing Pian, the product has gone through extensive testing before being released in the market.

Tested and used by toddlers, studies found that TCM recipe is gentle enough for baby use. With toddlers having more sensitive skin than adults, the TCM Recipe has been specially formulated to address all eczema symptoms without the side effects. The product also promises sufficient eczema relief to help children fare better during the day and sleep soundly at night.

Extensive comparison between TCM Recipe and other treatment for eczema products show that the latter contains more harmful chemicals. Studies reveal that OTC creams and moisturizers contain parabens, fragrances, biological additives, preservatives, benzyl alcohol and more – all of which are proven harmful for toddler skin.

About the Company TCM Recipe is founded by Kah Guan who is also an eczema sufferer. Based in Malaysia, the company has undertaken the development of this cream for years, testing and retesting to ensure effectiveness. The company can be contacted through email or Customer Careline number 011-12209092.